Spotting in the middle of the airport, 25th May, Zurich Airport

Hey there,
Due to Covid-19 many airlines and airports have been effected, the traffic has mostly decreased and spotting got more and more difficult. Luckily, here in Switzerland some movements are still happening and I was lucky enough to get a tour over the apron with a spotting moment meters away from the departing runways.

The first picture here is a SWISS A320 departing. SWISS has his biggest HUB in Zurich.

Icelandair serves Zurich-Keflavik daily with the beautiful B757-200. The 757 is able to take-off on the shortest runway in Zurich and always uses the entire runway all the way down. Here a nice rotation towards the freezing Iceland.

The SWISS flagship is the B777-300 and it serves a handful routes all around the globe in America, Africa and Asia. With an extremely loud roaring and the wingspan almost over my head HB-JNA is departing out of Zurich.

Thai is serving Zurich-Bangkok daily and with one of the most beautiful liveries out there.

The A330 is the second biggest aircraft in the fleet of SWISS and is serving intercontinental routes together with the B777. The 330 does not only serve intercontinental routes, it also flies routes with a high demand such as holidays to summer destinations within Europe. Edelweiss is a daughter company of SWISS and the low-cost carrier. The A330 is mostly serving intercontinental holiday routes.

Thank you for watching and I hope that the movements will increase soon.
@Moritz come to Zurich
@Marc do you have that in Basel? ;)


Some amazing pictures once again! 😍 We need to meet up again. Are you going to be at Zürich next Saturday, because @Nick_Wing and I are going on holiday next week and we are flying out of Zürich.

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This is certainly spotter bucket list number one for me. Such a cool place and you manage to show the great picture opportunities very well with your great shots! Also great to see the Alps in the background and these big planes up-close. Thanks for sharing!

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ill try. My holidays start next Saturday so it depends on the time you depart. Can you give me the departure time and destination?

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thank you. Definitely one of my favourite places at ZRH.

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No problem! Zurich is just great for spotting overall too, isn’t it? Great pictures as said before!

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it is indeed. Just the runway layout makes it a bit hard to spot. Parallel runways would be so much easier.


Not necessarily if the runways are far apart with buildings inbetween (can say this from my own experience).

Great to hear!

I can’t really judge it, never been spotting an airport with parallel runways. I only know that parallel runways are much more efficient than the weird layout at ZRH.

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That’s true, yes. Problem is that especially at low traffic airports such as Hannover you tend to miss planes you wanted to sport when both runways are active especially since listening to ATC is illegal in Germany, so it’s really hard to guess an arrival/departure runway early enough to make a change to your position.

Hence I was really happy that the northern runway was closed during most of my spotting session below due to construction work.

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nice pictures btw

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