Spotting in South Florida

Hey everyone! I recently got into planespotting and made a topic a few months ago showing my first shots. Now I have been practicing at other larger airports and would like to share those shots with you all!

#1: JetBlue A321 at KFLL

When I first opened this shot to edit I couldn’t see a thing and I just deleted it. Then I referred to some of my other shots and was like “lets try again.” In this case that worked and I got one of my favorite shots from it

#2: Frontier A32N landing at KPBI

Once I took this picture I was like “yep thats it.” I knew it was going to be my favorite shot of all time right from the get go. I loved how the plane was right in focus which was not usual for me lol and the positioning was just right.

#3 Cessna Citation at KBCT

This was a verrrrrry fun shot to get. I layed on the ground and went under the fence to get this one. I know it seems like too much work, but the outcome was one of my favorite shots of all time. After some editing and color matching the shot turned out amazing!

I hope you liked these shots and hope to keep sharing more with you as I progress as a photographer & planespotter! Leave a comment on what your favorite shot was as well :)


i absolutely LOVE this one

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Great photos. Love the unique editing you did with these. ❤️


Thank you!

I am very glad you recovered the first one, what a great golden light! Very cool and impressive pictures otherwise as well, really well done! Thanks for sharing!

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I’ve made my conclusion, I don’t even need to see the pictures. Anything that has to do with those two airports is an automatic A+ for me 🤪

But honestly, great job! Can I ask where you took the photo at FLL? Can’t seem to tell lol 😆

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Hey! Thanks! I went around the spotting park at the end of 10L. It was a little hard to find a good spot because of construction but I ended up standing up on my car and spotting from around the control tower

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Ah , I’m a fellow Fort Lauderdalian lol so I know where you mean . I’m gonna have to get that angle one time too 😉

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Also Idk what the situation is now, but everything to the left was closed off. The only place I was able to see planes around is within the red circle.

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Incredible photos, those are all awesome!

I love photos #1 and #2!

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Thank you :)

Very well done!

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Awesome shots!

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