Spotting in South Florida (KMIA, KFLL, KRSW)

Hey all,

Wanted to do a photo dump and share with you all my recent spotting pics around south Florida. Enjoy :)

note: I haven’t finished editing most of these so you’ll see some spots, poor light, bad alignment, etc) so don’t mind those things

LATAM B77W departing from runway 27 in Miami. Registration PTMUA. Heading to VCP

Here is Bolivian TAB Cargo DC10. Formally a FedEx owned jet. Here she was arriving and later departing to VI. Registration CP2791

Gorgeous El Al retro Dreamliner heading out to Tel Aviv, departing runway 27 in Miami. Registration 4XEDF

Lufthansa A350 arriving from Munich! Landing runway 09 in Miami. Registration DAIXC

Here in KRSW is Boeing’s second B777-9x just soaking up the sun! Registration N779XX

Here in KFLL is Saudi Arabia B777W! After a 16
Hour flight!! This actually came in yesterday! :)
Registration HZAK44

(You guys are actually getting first preview on this one because I haven’t posted it on my insta :) )

Thanks !


Very nice! Love the 777X winglets!

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Does Saudi regularly fly to FLL? Or was this a one off? Not a plane I would expect to see there!

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It was a one off! Powerful people I heard

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Ohhhhhhhhhh K! Let me revise this . I didn’t know.

Interesting. Oddly the flight doesn’t show up on FR24, otherwise I would have just looked it up, but that’s definitely a wild route. Cool spot!

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Looks like it is taking a while to reflect my changes. Should be 10 now. Let me know otherwise.

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Great catch :)

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Yeah, it was completely blocked. I was able to track it using globe.adsbexchange website

Thank you so much! I agree !

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Spotting… in FLL… and no Spirit Airlines!?!? 😪😂 great photos though!!!

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Oh. My. Goodness. These two shots are absolutely epic. 🥰🥰🥰

The rest are, too! Superb job, Mia!

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That’s an incredible photo!

I flew on that baby back in March (2020) from Tel Aviv to Miami to return back home from my trip to Israel. It was a nice (long) flight.

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Wow, great pictures! Had no idea Boeing sent a 779 to RSW, but makes sense as I remember they said they sent one to Florida for testing in warmer weather.

Love all these!

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I am a slight sucker for the El AI retro B787! I just love the livery!

Oh, also that A350 is hot with the Lufthansa livery on it!

The Boeing 777X also looks soooooo good in the Boeing House livery!!


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Those winglets though…

Amazing pictures!

That’s not the D-AIXC I know. More like D-AIXG ;)

But once again outstanding photos!

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I was gonna say this isnt a dreamliner but hen i grew some IQ points ;)
The Tower shot is my Favourite!

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I try to keep spirit on the down low Hahahahah

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Yessss I had heard the same that they supposedly sent it for testing in warmer weather like you said!
But yes omg it was soooo pretty! I’m so glad I took the drive : ) thank you!!

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