Spotting in Singapore

Hi, IFC! I again haven’t posted on the IFC for quite a while due to inactivity, but now I’m back online on IF skies. Here are some pictures I took during my holiday in Singapore! Hope you enjoy them! (Also don’t mind the bad weather)

Starting us off with a beautiful Scoot A320-200 on approach!

Quite nice to see Cargolux!

Lufty Queen of the skies

Japanese Plen

What a beautiful plane!

An A380 showed up

For Dutch People

I also managed to spot arrival from Newark but can’t remember which plen

That is it for today everyone! Looking forward to spotting more photos back home! Bye Edit: Shout-out to @BongAviation for giving me this location for spotting!


Awesome pictures!

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Nice shots!! No problem ;)

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Nice catches! Love the A380, such a beauty.

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