Spotting in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (ZSSS)

It is a extremely hot day in Shanghai, but the weather is very nice, so I still decide to spot.
Here are some photos that I took yesterday.
Shanghai Airlines A330

China Eastern Airlines Duffy and friends special livery

Air China B77W take off

My favorite airline: Juneyao Air Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Xiamen Air B737-800 (Daxing livery) take off

Shanghai Airlines B738 take off

China Eastern Airlines(Yunnan)B787-9 take off

Air China A330 (Star Alliance livery) take off during sunset

China Southern Airlines B77W take off during sunset

Thanks for your watching!
Hope you enjoy


Hey! Iโ€™m in Shanghai!

The building in the background of these photos are the landmark of Shanghai . Also it is the highest building in Shanghai.
The name of that building is Shanghai Center

These are beautiful! I also love the Juneyao livery, itโ€™s beautiful!

All of these are, many special liveries too. A well deserved like from me.

if you didnt know it was shanghai airlines, it almost looks like Qantas

some anime stan workers i see

Also there are a LOT of colourfull liveries in Shnghai


Yes, and its currently the worldโ€™s second tallest building. Isnโ€™t it?

I think so, because Dubai Burj Khalifa Tower is not a building

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for some reason in this shot it looks like a stack of coins

wait, the Burj Khalifa is not a building? isnโ€™t it the worldโ€™s tallest building?

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I am not sure about it. But Shanghai Center must be the highest building in China

it was designed to be aerodynamic so as ti reduce swaying in strong winds and also to create less turbulence as the air goes around the building

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yes, Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China

Amazing photos! Great work!

for some reaosn i thought you were talking about a stunt planelol

no lol, I was referring to the second tallest building in the world

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@CharlieChang can i ask you a question?

Is the Xiamen air in the background the same one in the next shot?

Background are different, but photo taken location are same

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Thank you!!!

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New photo update!
Juneyao Airlines Dreamliner take off!


Absolutely stunning work,mate!