Spotting in my backyard!

Hello Again

Well, this is probably how my passion for aviation started. I saw these planes flying over my house everyday since there were the Navy Us Airways liveries. I was probably like 3 or something and I was really intrigued. Spotting in my backyard is actually not that easy. Lots of trees and branches blocking the view. There is only one opening that I can take a perfect pic which doesn’t happen often lol. I took some pics today as the weather as perfect, (not a single cloud) and I wanted to share how my passion of aviation started. Enjoy!

Most of these pics have branches and trees in them so plz don’t complain cause it’s hard to get a perfect pic without the branches.

Other Info

Runway Aircraft are arriving on- 36R
Camera- Cannon Rebel T6i
Location KCLT Charlotte NC

AA A333 from LHR Reg N281AY

Belly of the same A333

AA A319 from KLGA Reg N825AW

Belly shot of the same A319

Another view of the A319

AA A321 from KMIA Reg N319UW

AA B738 from KBOS Reg Can’t determine

UA E175 from KEWR Reg Can’t determine

More Spotting reports are inbound!


Climb the tree!!! just kidding :)


Is your house for sale? 😍😂


Can I become your neighbor? Great pictures! Please cut down that tree though, it’s a avgeeks nightmare


And also Airport fence too. My local airport fence just got upgraded not long ago and the smaller the hole on fence :(

Well shots ! @Pilot_urp , Looks like the lightning is nice

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Wow great spots! Your lucky to have planes fly that low over your house XD


Haha actually we have cut some trees before, but there are some large trees leaning towards the house so it’s not a great idea imo lol

I really like the first one and the fifth with the great focus on the aircraft and the nice blur of the leaves/tree

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You are lucky to live there. I would love to live in your house.

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Chop the tree down, meh, who needs vegetation XD


Squirrels and birds do XD🤷‍♂️😂


I’d hate to be leaving there and not like planes though…

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These are awesome. I feel like the branches actually add to the photos a lot, nicely done!

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All the noise might deter you 😬. @Pilot_urp what do you think about the noise. Is it as noisey as I assume? Also not to criticize but n319uw doesn’t exist. AAL from Boston was likely n809nn, and the United was likely n656rw which is an e170. Great photos though

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To be able to spot from the comfort of your home…

That’s lucky.


Oh my bad sorry!

We are used to the noise and it’s not bad at all unless the plane is lower than usual. Only planes that can be annoying due to the sound are the A330, A321, and sometimes B738 from my experience

@Joseph_Krol yep, I’ve took advantage of that so much. I ❤️ it


Nice pictures. @anon66442947 and @Grizpac are wondering if there are houses for sale on your street, the planes at BWI aren’t low enough for them

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I’m so jealous 😂

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