Spotting in Los Angeles: Special day @ KLAX

I had a D3300 with a crazy telephoto lens.

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They look great! my favourites were the Alaska honouring those who serve livery and the United B789
Just a bit of constructive criticism, most of those images are soft. If you don’t already, shoot RAW, it will result in a more sharp image.

Great quality shots.

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What was the focal length?

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3000mm I think…

I love the A350 and the 737MAX

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ikr, it’s beautiful!

The A350 is my favorite.

From what I know Delta does not do any routes with the A350 from KLAX. What is it doing there?

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It flys to Shanghai Pudong from LAX.

Yeah, they’ve been doing that flight for maybe 2-4 months? Idk exactly, I just know it’s been going on for a while.

I can’t believe we’re three likes from 50 on this post!

Yes, thank you! I spent a lot of time at KLAX so I’m happy!1


One like from 50! Sorry, I’m just really hyped about that.

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