Spotting in Los Angeles: Special day @ KLAX

Today was fun, here’s some photos from my 2-3 hour spotting session!

Delta Airlines A350-900

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 Russell Wilson Livery:

Air Canada 787-9 Dreamliner:

American Airlines 787-9 Dreamliner:

Spirit Airlines Airbus A319:

United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9:

American Airlines Embraer E175:

Allegiant Airlines Airbus A320:

Spirit Airlines Airbus A320:

United Airlines 787-9 Dreamliner:

Alaska Airlines “More to love” Airbus A321N:

United Airlines Boeing 757-200:

Alaska Airlines A320:

American Airlines Boeing 787-9:

American Airlines Airbus A319:

FedEx Airbus A300:

Alaska Airlines Airbus A319:

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 Veterans Day Livery:

Air China Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner:

Alaska Airlines A321N:


Thank you all for taking a look! Comment which one was your favorite!!

Or leave some constructive criticism!


Great pictures! Please also remember to only put 10 pictures per a topic. Thanks!


Sorry guys, I got a little too excited I guess.

I’ll remember that for future reference, thanks.


No problem, for this post though just go back and delete some of the repetitive pictures. But they are very beautiful.

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Great shots! Love that AC 787


That 737 Max is a beauty! Amazing photos all around!

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The Delta A350 though 😍


Very nice photos! I love the More to love livery!

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Nice photos! One of my tips would be to try and get all of the aircraft in the frame, instead of just the front or back end. It does take practice, but your shots will look a lot better!

EDIT: I was talking about @Infinite_Flight_Dude’s pictures. Not sure why you included one…

Amazing photos. I love the Delta A350 shot.

Incredible shots dude! You are lucky to see that More to Love A321neo, it’s a rarity in my area…


The more to love flies into KLAX almost every day.

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Nice pics. Amazing Delta A350!

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Awesome catches!

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Thanks man! I also got a lot of beacon shots too.

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Yeah, I’ve got a telephoto lens which unfortunately passes the sweet spot. Working on that!

Thanks man!

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Nice photos! We should try to spot sometime! My favorite was the UA Dreamliner close-up.

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For sure! Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks! I did my best this time around.

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What lens did you use?

I’m heading to LAX in December and I was wondering what to expect with my lenses.