Spotting in LLBG

The pictures were taken on Saturday Photographed on IPhone 7
Boeing 757-300 Arkia to. Eilat

Airbus A350 Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong

Russia Airbus A319 from St. Festenberg

Aeroflot Boeing 777-300ER to Moscow


Alitalia airbus A321 from Rome

FedEx Boeing 757-200 to Paris


Very nice! There’s a typo in the title though…

Good pictures for an iPhone!
However, I’d recommend cropping some of those pictures.


Ah beautiful pictures. There are so many airports I wanna go to due to their spotting abilities

Great photos although, could you zoom in a bit more or crop the pictures?

Zoom on iPhone is worse

Where’s St. Festenburg?

That is true, it lowers the resolution by alot when you zoom in.

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