Spotting in Larnaca International

Here some of mine first aircrafts photo:

Hope you enjoyed :)


Hope we enjoyed? Who doesn’t adore staring at spotting videos?? Lol thanks man I enjoyed this a lot!


You mispelled Larnaca…changed it for ya😉

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Hmmm,i need start record video when get good zoom

@QR01 you like that photos ? Yash ?

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Larnaca! Very happy someone’s been spotting over here :)

I’m a frequent flyer on the 767 you took a picture of :) (British Airways 662 from London Heathrow). Shame they’re getting rid of the European 767s by the end of the year…

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Interesting,what’s plane gonna operate Cyprus:)

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Flying and sequencing with those planes for a few months. Love it there.except ATC is slow as hell

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Lol,in larnaka slow ATC controllers ?

Thanks for the pics! I’m pretty good at geography but had to Google Larnaca.

It’s island in Middle East
Beautiful island :)

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Yes, Cyprus in rthe Mediterranean Sea. Thanks.

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Yh. They aren’t as good as controllers in UK. Or other parts of Europe. I’ve waited 45 mins at hold short because they cant handle traffic

Lol,Yash.I know you some time but never believe you 😈 @QR01

When you fly you’ll find out. Especially when your back sack and crack is wet waiting on the taxiway for 45 mins in 40 degrees Celsius

Lol,Yash may be there really heavy traffic and you here on your small pale

I’ve flown at other international airports with no issue

Looks beautiful against the backdrop of skies.

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Yash,stop bulling this beautiful port

Some nice catches! Camera used?