Spotting in KATL

Here is my photos from today when I went spotting in KATL.


Also sorry if these are bad quality I used my phone to take these photos


These photos are great! Hope to see more soon!!! I am supposed you got no Delta planes even though you were at KATL!


I love seeing all the 747s

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The 747 pic is awesome

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@TheFlyingGuy1 which one

@MathAviation7 I wasn’t really going for delta planes becuase they are always send so I was trying to go for Heavy only which I did see a lot of delta and while I was eating inside I was on flightradar24 and found that a delta 767 did a go around but I did see quite a few of delta and I went to the Delta Museum.

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The 6th picture

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I love to see all of the 744s still in service!

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Lots of amazing photos Zach! That Qatar A350 tho :D

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KATL is my local airport and I always love going there because it’s just soooooo beautiful and so are the airplanes landing and taking off there


I agree! I’ll double that

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