Spotting in Infinite Flight and Real Life compared in 6 pictures

Inspired by the toppic I created last summer, I set out to compare some IF shots with the real thing or vice versa.

For the perfectionists that will notice… the new Lufthansa livery is only available on the A320 ;)

Following this rather small bird, lets take a look at one of the big ones.

Switching positions gives us this Airbus A319 in the old LH livery rotating on runway 18.

Enough with this Lufthansa madness, here´s a 747-8F.

Quickly followed by a Croatia Airlines Dash 8 Q400.

Here´s a link to my inspiration:
From Heathrow to Frankfurt In Real Life and Infinite Flight!

All pictures (Real and IF) were taken by me.
If anyone feels the need to change the category go ahead :)

Take care everyone!


Interesting post! Especially the first ones are rather similar. Thanks for sharing!

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Wow these look really nice!

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Interesting! Love these comparisons…

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This just goes to show you how much detail the artists put into the aircraft, even the old A388 looks like the real life thing from a distance. Amazing comparison i love it

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Yeah, it really shows how far IF has come, but also how far it still has to go.

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