Spotting in IF competition (ACCEPTING COMPETITORS) Round 4 results: Background round tonight! The the final showdown

We all have seen the spotting competitions but I couldn’t find one for infinite flight

Let me explain.

As usual you will pm me, you have to go spotting on a LIVE server, and you can edit it to make it look realistic, then you will submit them to me, and have evidence that the picture was taken from a live server. There will be 2 pictures each round. There will 20 rounds.

  • Live servers only no cheats.

  • Must be and only be infinite flight

  • You must remember to pm one picture per round.

  • sportsmanship is amazing so use it

Please tell me how good you are at editing so I can put you against someone that has the same type of editing

Good luck to all

And the prize btw is you having fun and learning editing skills .

I did not know where to put this so I put it in general


I guess i would put this in S&V. Nice idea!

Btw, im horrible, so put me in the lowest bracket. Ill send you a photo soon :)

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Yeah, that’s probably good

The #screenshots-and-videos category is fine. Please, stop arguing about what category it should be in.

Not only does it make you all look bad because you’re incorrect, but it’s also extremely disrespectful to the OP, who is probably extremely confused right now. Besides, none of you have the authority or judgement to make that decision anyways.



We will start the 1st 2 rounds tomorrow :D


Really exciting!!!

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All round 1 spots are full, start entering round 2 pictures!


Just sent my photo :)

Round 1 will start in 1 hour

Sorry for short notice


Round uno

Round 1 pt.2
Coming in a minute

  • Air thuti nui
  • Air China A350

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May the best win


Le round 1 part 2 this is the last round 1
  • Egyptair 737
  • KLM orange pride

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Man that Air Tahiti Nui is absolutely gorgeous!

Ikr, and the 350 lookin sleeek

How many rounds are there?

20 rounds or as much as there needs to be

Ok, thanks. How will the elimination process go? If you lose one, your out?

The one with the most votes win, but the one with the least votes loses that person will be eliminated and will get a chance at the come back round

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When do the polls close?

Tomorrow for round 2

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What time tomorrow?