Spotting in Hong Kong, Manila, Guam & Chuuk

I went to Chuuk for my Easter break and during my travels I got to see many aircraft along the way, so I have put together 10 pictures that were my favourite across all 4 airports I travelled through along the way. I have broken them up by airport so you can see below. I unfortunately do not know what route each of the aircraft were flying. Hope you enjoy!

Hong Kong International Airport

Cathay Pacific A350-900 taxiing to gate after landing in Hong Kong

A Cathay Dragon A330-300 awaiting her fate at the maintenance hangers.

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport

A Philippine Airlines B777-300ER pushing back to depart.

An Air Asia waiting to cross the runway after landing in Manila.

A sea plane landing in Manila, thought it was kinda cool to see.

A Cathay Pacific A321neo (disgusting) waiting to cross the runway after landing (presumably from Hong Kong)

A Kuwait Airways B777-300ER parked up at the terminal in Manila.

A Philippine Airlines Dash-8 taxiing to the runway for departure.

Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport (Guam)

A United B737-800 parked up at the terminal.

Chuuk International Airport

This one I do know where it came from and is going because it was my plane. This is a United B737-800 that just landed from Pohnpei for its short stop to pick up and drop off passengers/cargo before continuing to Guam.

Which picture was your favourite?

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Which airport would you most like to spot at?

  • Hong Kong
  • Manila
  • Guam
  • Chuuk

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Thank you for viewing!


Nice shots!

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Thank you! Wish I had a better camera for the shots, but I think pulling out my camera I was using for diving and putting together all the parts in an airport might have raised some concerns given security stopped me at every airport highlighting some of the camera parts to the extent that in Guam the comment on the system for the person checking my bag was “possible bomb component”.


Nice collection here. Lots of Cathay, and I assume that Cathay Dragon A330 will go to Cathay Pacific like most have. Best guess is that it’s B-HYJ (from the blurry registration on the nose gear door), which got flown out of storage in Alice Springs to Hong Kong in March to go to Cathay Pacific.

Beautiful you mean.


Thank you!

Apologies for the blurriness, most pictures were taken through a plane window…

I personally hate the fact Cathay are starting to incorporate narrow bodies, I think the Cathay livery looks strange on the A321… But to each their own I suppose.


I found it strange at first, like when Singapore Airlines got 737s (first narrow bodies aside from the couple of 757s in the past). But they grew on me so.


That is fair, might grow on me, let’s see


These are great pictures! I especially love the Philippine air one.

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Thank you! I love the tail art on the Philippine Airlines aircraft, so colourful!

Me too! It is so cool!

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