Spotting in Hawaii! (Expert Server)

I will be spotting at Numerous Airports! My first stop!

2230Z - PHOG

2300Z - PHKO

2330Z - PHNL

2400Z - PHTO

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Will make sure to come along!

Everytime it’s in the Expert Sever :(

(Please do one in TS2, it’s calmer, I’m not kidding.)


But it doesn’t rave that much activity.

I record airports that tend to have a lot of aircraft!


Also means no trolls.

The community members can make the airports have activity.

I hope you didn’t record my landing at phog. It was the worst landing I’ve ever done. The winds were gusting and I was on one wheel for most of the runway.


Did you get my takeoff? Jetstar 6 2 6 ;)

Lol, I did! I saw you taxi to parking!

but the hawaii, region never has any activity

Well there’s FNF taking place in Hawaii

whats FNF mean?

Friday Night Flight, hosted every Friday from 10:30am PST to 2am PST the next day.

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ok, cool, I’m on the region right now TS1, I’m a delta 777-200ER :)

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