Spotting in GVA

Today I decided to go spotting at my home airport, after 2 hour taking pictures I went home.
Now I want to share some of them here.

A private jet taking off with a very good effect

A beautiful landing of an Iberia CRJ

Line up and wait

The biggest plane of Geneva

Another small jet

Oh, someone important came

What do you think about the new Brussels airlines livery

parallel take off

Someone is training

Never forget the Easyjet in GVA the most common plane

Hope you like it


It was very cold outside 🥶

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I really like the new Brussels Airlines livery - much more than the old one.

Great photos in general! Geneva is a beautiful place.
Have a great rest of your day!
~ Ben


Thanks Ben

Happy to see someone spotting in Geneva! It was freezing today… you’re brave ahahah

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Thanks Luca

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I went to Geneva in December 2019 - and to say it was cold was an understatement. I remember at 1 point I was wearing 5 layers on top and bottom.


Welcome to Switzerland 😭


Very nice, the falcon pic is majestic

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Thanks, how do you know it’s a falcon? It is but you guessed easily

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Its a secret 🤫 jokes aside, I can just tell cause of the back elevators are slightly pointed down and falcon is known for that

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Honestly, I like The old Brussels Airlines livery better. The now one seems too bland and yucky. Also, half of their flights to my local airport are painted in The Eurowings livery.

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