Spotting in Geneva for the Day

I decided to go spotting in Geneva since I had nothing better to do with my time. It was a cool day with 8 degree Celsius air temperature and a cool 4 knot wind from the North East. Visibility was roughly 10 KM so I was able to get a good view of the planes landing and taking off. I was surprised with the variation I was able to catch and all in all enjoyed my time spotting.


All flights were on Solo at various time of the day at Geneva Airport

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Flight Selection:

Information: Geneva Airport - Wikipedia

Spotting Locations:

Weather: METAR TAF : Geneva Airport, Geneva Switzerland

I arrived at Geneva Airport bright and early and headed to the Palexpo Stairs spotting location so I could catch the 7:15 AM departure of the Ethiopian A350-900 to Manchester after its stop here in Geneva on its route from Addis Ababa, operating as ET728.

I decided that this was actually a good spotting location while the sun was behind me in the morning, so I stayed on the Palexpo Stairs. I was then treated to UA974’s from Washington Dulles operated on a United B767-300 at 7:25 AM.

Only 15 minutes later at 7:40 AM I managed to get Luxair’s twice daily route from Luxembourg, LG8361, landing. It was operated on their Dash-8.

I then headed into the local café for an hour to grab some breakfast after the early start, but I made sure to be back at the Palexpo Stairs for 9:30 AM to catch the landing of LX23, Swiss Airlines A330-300 service between New York JFK and Geneva.

About an hour later at 10:30 AM I managed to get a shot of LOT’s service to Warsaw, LO418, operated on their E175.

And wrapping up the morning I was treated to a El Al B737-800 heading back to Tel Aviv under flight number LY346 at 11 AM.

After a quick lunch I relocated myself so the sunlight was working in my favour and got into position at a spotting location called Crash Gate where I managed to catch LX434 heading to London City at 1:20 PM on Swiss’ A220-300.

Only 10 minutes later I caught Qatar’s service from Doha, QR99, operated on their B787-8 land at 1:30 PM.

I then got a bit hungry and caved into my sweet tooth and head into the city to buy some Swiss chocolate. But head back to the Crash Gate for Royal Air Maroc’s departure to Casablanca at 4:55 PM. This service was run on their B737-800 as AT931.

And to top off a wonderful day of spotting I managed to catch Air China’s A330-300 landing from Beijing Capital at 5:40 PM. Operating as CA861. Which rounded out a perfect day of spotting.

Which picture was your favourite?

  • Ethiopian A350-900 to Manchester
  • United B767-300 from Washington Dulles
  • Luxair Dash-8 from Luxembourg
  • Swiss A330-300 from New York JFK
  • LOT E175 to Warsaw
  • El Al B737-800 to Tel Aviv
  • Swiss A220-300 to London City
  • Qatar B787-8 from Doha
  • Royal Air Maroc B737-800 to Casablanca
  • Air China A330-300 from Beijing Capital

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I quite enjoyed this spotting session and might do another one, feel free to vote on the next airport I should spot at below from the options.

  • Manila
  • Leeds Bradford
  • Mexico City
  • Cape Town

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Thank you all for viewing my spotting topic!


Amazing photos 🤩, love my home airport 😍

I thought it was the A350 comming from quatar 😂
but you are right

what is this then?

I’m confused with IRL flights 😂

Very cool photos 😍


It is probably both, when I was looking at the possibility of travelling to Geneva, I saw Qatar A350-900 some days and B787-8 some other days. I think it depends on demand and the season. But thank you, I am really happy with how this topic came out!

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look similar:



That is extremely close! Although I think it is different ends of the runway as the winds today meant usage of runway 04 and the sign in the back indicates 22.


oh, ok thanks.
I always love when someone make a topic with Geneva airport or osaka kansai airport ❤️

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yep you’re right, mine is at 22


Maybe at some point I will do one for Kansai at some point, but for now I am just focusing on 3D airports.

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Thanks @BP-Aviation for this amazing topic see you soon 👋

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The DOH-GVA route is a real mess ahahah they use the 777, A350, 787-8 depending on what their mood is 😭


That sounds like how they treat the Hong Kong route too 🤣 I have seen the A380, B777-300ER, A350-900 & B787-8 all randomly pre covid.


Love the a330 swiss butter machine


It is an absolutely stunning aircraft! But TBH I think I prefer the Air China butter machine out of all these pictures!

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I got the Air China 333 one of the only few times it came, it’s always the 332

The butter machine is a beauty


Those are some great shots! But the A330-300 has never been? Only the A330-200? Strange, thought I saw it. Oh well!


Just a little question, you take your screenshots in replay mode right?

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Yes, that is correct. I do the solo landing or takeoff and then in replay mode position the camera where the spotting location would be and take the shot.

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