Spotting in EGCC

So, today i was seeing my photos in the phone and i found these spotting pics in Manchester (UK) in the summer. Idk why i havent posted this earlier, but here it goes.
Btw, sorry for the poor quality.

Virgin Atlantic’s 744 and a Hainan’s 787

Thomas Cook’s a330

Virgin Atlantic’s a330

Cathay Pacific’s a350 😍😍

City Jet’s Sukhoi Superjet

Virgin Atlantic’s 744 pushing back

Rain in the foreground with a Qatar’s 787 in the background

Virgin Atlantic’s a330 pushing back, near to a Monarch’s a321 (Rip Monarch 😢)

Emirates’s A380 in the background, Thomas Cook’s a321 in the foreground.


Etihad’s B773er


TUI’s 757


Closer look to the Etihad’s B773er


Nice spotting mate! Shame the rain couldn’t hold off!

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Love those Monarch’s and Virgin’s 747. 😏


Thanks man! Yeah, that part was a bit bad, but i could still watch the planes. It was a weard day in terms of weather.

What camera/equipment did you use?

Thanks for the kind words!

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Just my phone 😀. Thats why the pics are a bit bad.

Not bad at all. I wish I can go there someday to spot

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Just take the beautiful a350 from HK! Advice: check the prices one year earlier. I got this amazing fare OPO-MAD-HKG for 340€ on Iberia and Cathay.

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Pretty cool pictures, shame Monarch has ceased operations, their livery was one of my favorites.

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Thanks! Yeah, thats a shame. Even though 2017 was the safest year, it was a bit sad in some aspects (cease of AB and Monarch).

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What a cool livery, it looks nice

Cool photo

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I know, whenever I’m at AKL spotting and I see it, it’s just a beautiful site to see

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The Cathay a350 is just 😍 I really wish to ride these one day as i fly cathay to the philippines sometimes


Yeah, Hainan’s livery is amazing. You lucky! You get to see the a350 regularly!

They will change the plane one day, you ll see! 😀

It’s great to have such a color variety, unfortunately here in Mexico we only have blue planes haha. JetBlue, AeroMexico, Interjet, Delta, magnicharters, Panalpina, United, Copa, ANA, KLM, China Southern… and much more! Enjoy that beautiful variety taking a lot of pictures, just remember that there are lots of places where we don’t have that ;)

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I like this one the most. Would make for a great wallpaper. 👌



Actually, where i live (OPO/Porto) we dont have a wide variety of planes. It is good, but not amazing. Manchester has a lot more to offer. I was lucky to get there this summer as well as beautiful Scotland. The variety in EGCC is amazing.

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Thats true 😂😂😂. It was a rainy day as you can tell.