Spotting in Dublin (DUB)

Hey everyone!

Here I am again for a quick compilation of one of my spotting sessions, hope you’ll enjoy!

This time the pictures are from Dublin… I’m staying here for the next 3 months so… plenty of time to go spotting! So I decided for my first session here, I decided to wake up at 7 in the morning and go to a very popular spot to catch the 28L’s arrivals! It was one of my longest sessions but I absolutely don’t regret it at all! I hope you will enjoy the following shots!

NB: On some pictures you may see some dark stains… these are small flies or whatever it is which were flying around me and decided to ruin some of my shots… but please don’t blame my lens cleaning!

It would have been a crime not to catch an Aer Lingus A330-300! This one’s arriving from New York

The beautiful Etihad A350-1000 waiting for a stand

Here is a beautiful Canadian Dreamliner arriving from Toronto

Later in the morning this Delta A350-900 arrived from Atlanta… Such a beautiful livery on the A350

Here we have one of United’s 757’s! It was my first time catching one

Here is another beautiful livery… The WestJet 787-9 arriving from Calgary

This beautiful and endangered species… the United 767-400ER arriving from Washington

The Air Transat A321LR arriving from Toronto

Another Highlight for me, the Play A320 Neo arriving from Keflavik

And finally, one of the most beautiful aircrafts I ever managed to catch, the Aer Lingus Retro Livery on the A320! This beautiful livery is arriving from Prague

So here are the 10 pictures I chose out of the 500+ I have taken during this Sunday morning!
I hope you enjoyed the read! I was thinking about making a part 2 because I still have a lot of nice shots in store (special liveries, not so common aircrafts for me and even a helicopter!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and if you did make sure to check out my Instagram account where I post most of my pictures! (link in bio)

Safe flights to you all!

Luca ✈️


These are all great pictures

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Thanks a lot!

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That’s Aer Lingus Retro livery is insane, love that shots!


Great photos! Love the Air Canada one :p

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Great pics Luca!

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Aer Lingus Retro Livery is the best

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I can relate to these i have quite a bit from Dub aswell but still improving my skills… love your shots bro reason to like aviation right here.

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Thanks! The retro livery is amazing I have to agree

Thanks! I honestly prefer the new livery ahaha

Thanks Kairi!

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Thanks! Practice is the secret to improve!

Indeed it is!

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amazing shots. Love the Etihad a350 1000 along with the delta a350. Gotta love the EI 330 also. From Dublin myself and consider myself a proud Dubliner

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That’s cool! every airline should try something similar

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Indeed it is, your never a pro because every day we all learn new things a fidget about with things. It doesnt matter how experienced u are😉


True! For example TAP and SAS already have done a nice job on retro liveries!

You’re totally right 👌🏼

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