Spotting in Brazil !!

These are some photos that I took here in Brazil, I decided to bring photos of military aircraft also to diversify a bit !!
I have enough pictures of airplanes, if you want to see more leave your comment :)

A319 LATAM flying over northeastern Brazil

This picture above I took on my first plane trip, I remember it was an A320 from LATAM that at the time was TAM just the name of the company !!!

A320 Avianca Brazil (Sharklets)

Boeing 737-200 Former aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force, which was used for regional travel by the president of Brazil at the time)

Embraer 195 (Azul Airlines Brazil "Brazil Flag Livery)

A319 LATAM (TAM Livery)
This plane was the one that I flew, but before entering I was able to make this picture !!

A320 LATAM (LATAM Livery)

Boeing 737-800 (Gol Airlines Livery)

Helicopter Cougar (Brazilian Army)

•Camera: NIKON L315 e my cellphone lol
• Some places where I took the photos: Galeão International Airport,Macéio Airport International,Afonsos Air Base and Sky :)
• My Instagram Spotter:
• If in case I have the wrong name of some aircraft, forgive me because these photos have a time that I took … But correct me in the comments :)
• Do not forget you feedback !!


You can only have ten photos per spotting topic and you have eleven. You just have to remove one photo.

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12 but what @Kevin_Potthast said :)

Ok , Im Sorry :) !!! I already removed the photo !!

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