Spotting in a park

Hello there!!! I have done some spotting when I was playing with my family in a park last week. I have spotted some GA planes and some rare aircrafts. Hope you enjoy!!

Place: Woking, UK
Time: Afternoon
Gear: iPhone 11 Pro, FR24
Weather: Super great

  1. Emirates B777-300ER//EIDW-OMDB

  2. British Airways B787-8//MMMX-EGLL

  3. Air France Cargo B77F//KORD-LFPG

  4. Qatar Airways (One World livery) B777-300ER//EGLL-OTHH

  5. Gulfstream IV is doing pattern work in EGLF

Also, here are some unknown planes with unknown dest.

Thanks for browsing it :)


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