Spotting in a heatwave!

Yesterday I went to the airport to see the JetBlue Boston Red Sox’s airplane. I wasn’t too surprised to see that it was mostly corporate jets that were landing and taking off. With it being 90F+ or 32C+ it was pretty hot to say the least.

The first airplane I saw was a Cessna 172 as I was trying to get a second picture the plane just dropped onto the ground.
The next airplane I saw is one of my favorites. An HA420 HondaJet from Jackson.

A picture on final and a close call. The JetBlue Boston Red Sox airplane about to touch down and a car. This spot can be challenging to time your pictures with busy the car traffic along the runway.

After that was a Delta Private Jets G450 from Miami Opa Locka Airport.

The next Gulfstream was a NetJets G450 from Santa Ana.

Switching the engine type to a turboprop we have a Pilatus PC-12 from Auburn California.

Another favorite airplane of mine we have a Premier 1 from Hawthorne Airport.

After the Premier landed they had switched runways and then an airplane I didn’t realize was flying out was a United 737-700 in the
Evo Blue livery going to Newark.

A little bit after the 737 was another JetBlue A320 going to New York JFK.

What was your favorite picture?

  • Blue Cessna 172
  • HondaJet
  • JetBlue Red Sox 1
  • JetBlue Red Sox 2
  • DPJ G450
  • NetJets G450
  • Pilatus PC-12
  • Premier 1
  • United 737-700
  • JetBlue A320

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Thank you for looking at my pictures and have a wonderful day or night!


These pictures are more 🔥 then the heat wave!!! Great job!

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Wow! These photos are gorgeous! That Nissan really wanted to be featured lol.


Thank you! It was definitely worth it!

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Thank you! It was definitely one of my best close call pictures!

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Typical Singapore weather
Anyways that photos are nice!

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