Spotting IAH Arrivals (6/1/2018)

June 1, 2018 - George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

Hey y’all! On June 1st, I was able to spot at IAH. On the first day of June, Emirates was scheduled to resume A380 service to Houston after almost 2 years of 777’s. Air New Zealand’s “All Blacks” 787-9 Dreamliner paid a visit after being grounded for 6 months straight! The Qatar OneWorld 777-300ER also arrived. Sadly, I had to leave at 2:30, with all the good stuff mentioned previously arriving around 4:30.

The lighting in the summer in Texas can be harsh at some times, especially in the morning to noon time frame. The sun is almost directly above the subject making it hard to get a picture with good lighting. Editing helps! I recently installed the Nik Collection by google to help with my photo editing. It is extremely useful and it’s free! So, with that being said, here are the pictures!

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I arrived at the airport around 10:30, just missing UA100, the Sydney to Houston route on the 787-9. That’s alright though, it was made up to me by a surprise visit from Emirates SkyCargo!

A6-EFH Emirates SkyCargo making an unprecedented appearance at East Cargo!

N1093A Giant 3555 arriving under the morning sun at IAH.

N668NK The BananaBus on final for 26L at IAH.

9V-SMQ The Singapore A350 arriving after a flight from Manchester (MAN).

C-FEJF Air Canada Express operated by SkyRegional on a short final for 26L.

B-LJE The first B748 for CX arriving into Houston.

N34131 A United 757-200 arriving after flying in from Newark (EWR).

N986TA A Central American ERJ-190 touching down on 27.

G-YMMN Speedbird 26E on final for 26L.

Thank you for looking through my pictures!

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Also, please, give feedback! I’d love to hear what the community thinks of my pictures!


I love the 757 pick! All of them are great!


DANM They are some smooth shots

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Fabulous pictures. Loved the Prime Air and Singapore airlines!

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My eyes aren’t worthy to such greatness!

You really have talent Matt! I would expect nothing less.


Thanks Cole! I found a new spot along the runway, but you can only go there in the summer, because it’s not backlit. And backlit photos (in my opinion) don’t look good.

@Baxy380 Thank you!

@TheCoolPilot I love the PrimeAir livery, especially the blue.

@anon7075715 Thanks bro! It’s all about practice! Practice shooting anything really. I’ve also gotten tips by more experience photographers in the past as well, so that helps!


That stinks. Hopefully you’ll get them next time. Great photos! I really like the Prime Air 767 😂

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Of course you do…if I lived where you did, I’d get tired of the livery! 😂

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