Spotting @ IAH 6-23 (A Typical IAH Day)

Spotting @ IAH 6-23

On the one year anniversary of Experience Aviation Day, which was held at the ExpressJet facility at IAH, I went spotting at my home airport. It was a sweltering 95°F, with some scattered downpours and sunlight in the area. It was a normal day at IAH, nothing too noteworthy, so, I present to you, a typical day at IAH in pictures.

First up, a United 787-9 departing in front of a strong downpour, which was soaking the east side of the airport. N19951

Next, as usual, Lufthansa 441 Super departing back to Frankfurt, Germany. Always love to see this flight depart. D-AIMK

Closely following the super, Air France 639 Heavy departed to Paris. F-GSQF

A United 737 departs 15L in the presence of a strong downpour to the east. N35407

Beginning the heavy UAL departures, a United 767 departs for Lima, Peru. N646UA

The second aircraft in the chain of heavy United departures was this 777-200 departing as United 880 to London. N78005

Closing out United heavies for the afternoon is United 321 to Washington. N17104

And finally, the British 747 departs to her home base at London Heathrow. G-CIVV

Thank you for viewing my pictures once again! Criticism, comments and anything else is always accepted.

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Great Photos! I Really Like Your Angle On The Planes!

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Thanks! Our spotting location is a dirt hill, and it’s been raised and lowered as construction continues at IAH.

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You’re Very Talented, I’m Just Checking You’re Website Out Now!

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Awesome! Thank you!

Gorgeous as always Matt 👍 Thanks for sharing 😊


Awesome! My grandparents went on EK212 THAT day to Dubai from Houston on the A388! They left later in the evening though. Too bad you didn’t see them. I got pics from them.😁 Nice pics tho

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@Matt737 It’s cool to see someone here how has time the to go done to my home airport KIAH photographing the planes departing and arriving at IAH.I get to see them about 10-5 minutes out, and did you notice this United has another aircraft to n the new livery (I took a screenshot of @Matt737 picture) here’s the screenshot:image


I see a sneaky United Express E175 is the background sporting the new livery in this photo


Yeah! Nice catch, was hoping someone would see it! It arrived a few days earlier. Can’t wait to see her flying!


Can anyone see what that sneaky E175’s registration number/identification.

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Registration is N605UX.

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Where you able to take a photo of that aircraft besides the one you have of it?

I was not able to, it was about 3/4 of a mile away, the heat haze was bad.

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I love the A380

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Thanks! I do too!

Gonna be flying into IAH tomorrow. Anything I should look out for?

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Wow very stunning photos!

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I love to see these beautiful pictures of airplanes at my home airport!! :) definently going to follow your insta for more :)

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What time are you flying in? Also @Matt737 you didn’t see the Emirates a388 right?

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