Spotting HOU 4-23-18 (The Flight That Never Departed)

Spotting HOU 4-23-18 (The Flight That Never Departed)

Hi everyone! Yesterday, April 23 was the day that the United 737 MAX 9 was delivered…or not. I and a few other Houston area spotters went to our smaller, Class C airport, KHOU. United has a 737 Maintenance facility here, and brings them to get worked on. N67501, the first UA B39M was scheduled to arrive at 6:12pm local time. However, it was delayed. Then it got delayed some more, until we gave up hope, and left. When we left, we got a sigh of relief, seeing the flight was cancelled (if we can’t see it, no one can!). Not even 5 minutes after it was cancelled, @BoeingAirplanes posted this on Twitter…

Now this was the breaking point. We had no idea where the plane was, when it was going to arrive, etc. We were almost home anyways, so there really was no reason to go back. So, on a more fun note, here are some pictures I got while waiting for the flight that never departed…

KHOU, 232030ZAPR18

Cessna 550 N89D

Dassult Falcon 2000 N1SG

Southwest 737-700 N7706A

Swearingen SA-226 N50MT

Southwest 737-700 N704SW

Southwest 737-700 N7748A

Southwest 737-800 N8314L

Thank You!

Thank you for looking through my pictures! Today, I will be receiving a Canon 80D, so expect a big spotting trip to test it out.

I am flying on UA1011 and UA3924 tomorrow, so expect some pictures from those two flights.


That’s a shame… Anyway, great pictures!

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Yeah, it is. Thank you!

I can only imagine the pain you went through…good photos still though


Going to see if I’ve gotten pictures of these (especially the southwest ones).

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