Spotting here, there, and everywhere

If the title hasn´t given it away by now, I went out to look at some planes in the last few weeks. Below are some of the most interresting pictures.

Mildly interresting information

Locations: Frankfurt Airport, London Heathrow Airport and my garden.
Camera: Canon EOS 450D
Lens: 70mm-300mm

Starting off with some pictures from the country of ever lasting rain, I had a few hours to kill after my flight to London in August. Including a very cloudy departure by BAs A350-1000. (before it decided to smash its tail into the runway) The Fact that I was standing in the middle of Storm Francis didn´t help with image stabilisation.

Fast forward 2 weeks and I´m back in Germany ready to stare into the sky above Frankfurt. Sadly the sky didn´t really want to be seen, however this didn´t stop me from capturing a few (mostly Cargo) arrivals.
While I still can I thought I´d show these two 747-F´s on final for 25L whilst I got absoloutly soaked by the rain outside.

With the sky slightly clearer it was a bit easier to capture this Lufthansa Cityline E190 followed by a tiny TAROM A318:

I´ll leave you with this Airbus A330-743L or also known as “Beluga” as it showed up in the sky on a nice and Sunny afternoon in July.

And that´s pretty much it, enjoy your further stay on the planet and have fun.

Great shots! Really like that Air China CAVA 747 cargo. Great pics. Keep up the work!

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Brilliant pics! Great job mate!😌

Very nice shots!

That first shot is absolutely stunning mate!

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Beautiful pictures! Really like that Air China 747 Cargo 😍

Some rather nice pictures! A smiling Beluga, some pictures from Frankfurt and the stunning BA A350. Thanks for sharing!

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I love this picture!

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Wow! These are really amazing photos!!

Glad you enjoyed them :)

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I like the last photo. It is fantastic👍👍👍

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That looks like it’s from a movie! Phenomenal job!


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