Spotting from the terminal @SBSP


Today I flew to Foz do Iguaçu (SBFI) from Congonhas Airport and while I waited to board my flight I figured I could take some pictures of other aircraft

First, we have a Gol 737-800 parking at its gate after arriving

A LATAM A320 taxiing to runway 35L for takeoff

Itapemirim A320 rotating to Rio de Janeiro

A Gol MAX 8 reversing on runway 35L

An Azul A320neo taxiing to its gate

PR-TQC, the aircraft I was initially supposed to fly, arriving from Confins

PR-MBG, the aircraft I actually flew


My phone (Galaxy S10)

Thanks for reading all the way down here


Cool shots, bruv! I love me some terminal spotting. ❤️

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The Azul 32N steals the show! Gorgeous!

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it absolutely does
best livery out of all of these imo

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