Spotting from the terminal/plane @RKSI - 7/9/18

Recently I traveled from KJFK-RKSI-RPLL on board Korean Air, I had a 4 hour layover at the new terminal 2, so I decided to take some pictures.

Not the best quality, taken on a galaxy S6. Nonetheless, hope you guys enjoy

KE B789


GE90 Engine

Another KE B77W, the plane I flew from RKSI-RPLL

KE A388, the plane i flew from KJFK-RKSI


DL A359

KE B777 Skyteam livery

FedEx B757

PR A333

Hopefully, once i get a good camera i can take some somewhat decent pictures. Last two pics were taken at RPLL.


The Delta A350!👌 Good job finding those awesome planes.

Yeah, landed at 4am so i got to see most of the heavies before they depart

Great pics, I love the korean livery.

Quick tip, if your using a phone I usually press it up to the window to take a picture, it removes the glare, also nice pics.


I do the same thing, even when I’m on the plane. I press my phone right up against it, and then it will focus better too.

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My phone doesn’t focus when pressed up against a window, I tried multiple times

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