Spotting from the Terminal @KJFK

Hello everyone 👋. Recently I took a flight from KJFK(John F Kennedy Intl) to VIDP(Indira Gandhi Intl.) on Air India 102. Due to political tensions with Pakistan, flights have to go down through Mumbai and then up to Delhi. This adds a significant amount of travel time to the flight, put also allows the route to go over some beautiful scenery. I’ll leave those photos for the trip report and put my photos from my phone here.

                                 The Photos

Delta A330 pulling into the gate from Barcelona

Kuwait Airways 777

Delta A320 parked at the gate

Delta A320 pushing back for Atlanta

The terminal 4 ramp area

A Delta 767 from a bus stop

A brief view on the Delta monopoly at KJFK

A view of the hard stands next to my aircraft

The 77W that will take me on a 15 hour flight!

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Thanks for taking a look at my photos and I am currently making my trip report.


This should be in #real-world-aviation:spotting

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Whoops thought I selected it

Oh snap. Those are some really nice pics!

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These spotting topics are allowed

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