Spotting From The Control Tower

Ever wanted to know what it looks like from the IFATC tower on the Expert Server everyday? Well welcome to seeing something new.

Thease pictures are showing the dedication IFATC controller’s put into making sure you have a great service. Where we love putting the free time that we have to do so.

Loving photography myself I have decided to embark on editing screenshots to capture our best sessions, where we look back and say wow did I really manage to handle that much traffic?

That’s why with the help of the IFATC Education Group and a few of the controllers I will mention below should get to be in the limelight every so often. I will now let the pictures and the controllers do the talking whilst I do the screenshots and the editing.

Thease two positions are so important where situational awareness is key in making aircraft are managed in a way that get’s you off the ground. Quick and fast.

Then there is another controller that has recently joined the IFATC team who want’s to share his journey through the application process.

Well there’s a huge amount of effort that makes controlling the approach frequency so rewarding. Where two great controllers have given me their story to share to you all.

Disclaimer - We don’t have the ability to show terrain at the moment as this was apart of the older version of Infinate Flight.

Out of all of these photographs which experience makes you want to be apart of the IFATC team or just your favourite one in general?

  • Daisy’s Tower & Ground Story
  • Captain Zen’s Story on Radar
  • Nico’s Story on Radar

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If you found thease story’s captivating and wanting to take part in the awesome team effort please start considering joining the IFATC team by contacting your recruiter. Click here to find out more info.

Would you like to see more IFATC stories like this? If so let me know in the comments and I might just keep them going. Maybe the first reactions of controlling with the new update 20.1?The update we are to excited for.

Your story is different, where every action and decision is always a lurning curve. There are hundreds out there. Some great story’s begin with you and your the ones that is making the story today.


That’s amazing this is what IFATC is all about ☺️


I kinda disagree with what Captain Zen said about « creativity ». Like you aren’t allowed to use realistic procedures as in the « manual » it says that « all runways must be used ». Nothing creative there. You aren’t allowed to change the rules a little bit. I honestly think this should change in the future.


Must also thank @ThomasThePro and @Trio for advising me through this :)


Really good! It’s very interesting to see the other controller’s stories!


Hopefully I would like make this something more common, to give people a good insight to what we do :)

Using procedures that aren’t used in real life is literally the definition of creativity. You get to come up with your own plan that will help efficiently run the airport free of real world restrictions.

For example, KMSP rarely uses runway 22/04 but in IF it can be a great tool to expedite departures due to the unrealistic traffic loads we have.

What isn’t creative is sticking to fully realistic procedures. While useful at times, they can really lead to the downfall of a controllers session.

Loving this topic @Gliding_Central! Keep them coming.


You’ve probably miss understood what was meant In the manual😉. It’s just there to say that you should maximise efficiency. Moreover, sometimes you need to be creative as to how to use the RWs efficiently. Let’s take this to a pm if you want to discuss it further.

Anyways great topic!!! 😍


Thank you all I’m so glad :)

I find that using unrealistic procedures to find a way to accommodate all traffic is tons of fun! It’s sort of like a puzzle that you’re constantly trying to solve.

Of course, this can be a difficult concept for some to grasp.


I’d love to see another one of these, this is a really neat topic! It’s cool to hear the stories from our fellow IFATC controllers.


By the looks of things @Butter_Boi more are coming your way :) Finally found a niche topic.

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Exactly. At JFK IRL they never use right downwinds for the 22’s. But, Infinite Flight doesn’t have STARS (at the moment), scheduled slots, and aircraft arriving at the same altitude and speed. Thus, as much as it pains me, I have to adapt and use all sorts of approaches possible.


Daisy’s is the one I can relate to the most, myself being a newly-promoted specialist and lesser experienced controller.


@RTG113 We are all going to love 20.1 then 🤗😍


I love the idea of sharing your ATC stories and creativity! I’m a big fan of this.


@Edivan_dcds I have other ideas of where I can take this and I’m super pleased that you like the topic. I was thinking today of how I could really paint the picture of the controller’s we have and the way this could actually answer a lot of people’s questions too.


You have a valid point, but if you’re using IF as a tool to prepare yourself for the real aviation industry, then using real-world procedures can really make you learn a lot. That knowledge will give you a huge advantage compared to the people who will be completely new with the subject and will make you appear as being a better candidate for the flight training. Also, using RWPs also really makes you feel like you’re controlling in real-life.

Some people want realism, and others don’t really care about it. Both opinions are perfectly okay but I feel like more respect should be given to those who want realism. Even if it isn’t the most efficient solution to only use one runway for departures and another one for arrivals, it can be a really fun and educative experience for people like me. As long as there aren’t huge lines of people waiting to takeoff, I think it’s fine :)


Hey @Gliding_Central,

I really love this idea!

I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Maybe I’ll sneak in to an edition… ;)

Hey @Philippe_Gilbert.

Infinite Flight has never been designed to be a training resource for real pilots. At its base, it is a game rated 4-plus. IFATC does its best to balance realism and reason. Forcing perfection among enthusiasts who do not want to adhere to stringent rules for a career in aviation (eg. I don’t want a career in aviation) would be wrong.

Call of Duty doesn’t prepare soldiers and GTA V doesn’t prepare criminals.

I do hope everyone finds a great way to enjoy Infinite Flight, from perfectionists to simple enthusiasts. I for one really enjoy the balance of the rules right now.



Not forcing, it should be a choice and that choice should be respected. If someone wants to control using RWP but it isn’t the most efficient way to deal with traffic, I think it should still be accepted. Of course, if it’s chaos at the airport because ATC is only using one runway instead of both then that’s another story.

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