Spotting From The Control Tower: The Stories That Matter!

Welcome to another blog post where we feature a newly promoted Infinite Flight ATC Officer and specialist. Today we have two awesome controllers, @JulietTango, an Officer, and @MJP_27, a Specialist, to share their unique journey and their promotion in IFATC.

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Hey! I’m JT, I want to share a bit about my promotion to IFATC officer. I remember when I applied for officer, I was quite unsure at the beginning if I should even apply for officer. I was really hesitant to but with the advice and encouragement of my friend @ShaneAviation I decided to take the plunge and apply! I was picked up by @TaipeiGuru as my trainer he certainly is one of the best out there! One thing that really kept me motivated is just the fact of looking forward, seeing myself controlling radar on the Expert Server and I really think that’s what kept me motivated. In total I took three attempts at the radar practical with the wonderful @Will_A , I failed two of the times unfortunately but after each of those times I only felt even more motivated to continue my radar training and work even harder. On my third attempt at it I passed! It’s really pleasure to control on the Expert Server and I hope to continue to advance my role in IFATC in the future!

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The day I applied for IFATC was amazing. I got a very quick and fast response from @Will_A who was my trainer. Now, I failed my written test first try but it was ok. I passed my written test on the second go with a 97%! I got word from Will that I had the option of taking my practical test on the same day that I passed my written test. I accepted that offer. But before I took my practical, I opened my ATC tracking thread at EDDL and had the pleasure of several community members attending my session before I took my practical. Before my test I refreshed myself with some notes, and I was ready to roll. I knew I could pass it. And sure enough I did.

I joined the IFATC discord, and I got quite the welcome from fellow controllers. It’s insane how the IFATC Community is. The next day, I decided to open up my home airport, KBUF, for the IFATC at home day. It was a lot of fun, and many people stopped by. Not too much longer, I got word that I have been promoted to a specialist. I was very surprised and pleased.

Here’s the awesome opportunity to begin your future! Your new chapter! Join the amazing IFATC team here! You won’t regret it and I really hope these story’s have really inspired you today!


Thanks for joining us on another Spotting from the Control Tower Post and once again to @JulietTango & @MJP_27 for taking time to talk to you about thease amazing stories! A massive, massive thank you to @Zachary_Naponic for putting together and organising this amazing blog post along side @Gliding_Central! Also a shout out to our discord staff and our new and improved writing team. This amazing team include: @DimitriB, @Zachary_Naponic, @AviationReports, @Lawin_S & @Siddhansh.

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Brilliant work @Zachary_Naponic @Gliding_Central, and congrats on the promotions JT & MJP!


Amazing work @Zachary_Naponic and @Gliding_Central with the great post! Huge congratulations to JT and MJP for the promotion! Great job guys! 🙌


Congrats JT and MJP!! great job with the post once again guys 😊


Thank you everyone! It’s super exciting to bring you all this amazing content! Where of course a huge thank you to @Zachary_Naponic for this one!

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Thank you everyone! So happy I got this opportunity to be in the Spotting from the Control Tower articles


Amazing article amazing Instagram site look every post and like every post 🛫 keep it up guys 🙌🏼


Amazing stories to see how people we see in the IFC make there way up in IFATC. Hopefully this can draw more people onto the amazing IFATC team!


Amazing post not even going to hide it


I totally agree and hopefully it does! This has always been the soul purpose and I can’t wait to keep these posts coming! Especially thanks to my community writers too!

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Thank you very much for your kind words as always! Thank you for your continuing support. It’s super appreciated!


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