Spotting From The Control Tower: Misha’s Friday Night Flight!

Welcome to another blog post where we feature Infinite Flight staff member @MishaCamp. In accordance with our recent blog post with Tyler linked here about how the IFATC Schedule is picked, Misha talks about how Friday Night Flights (FNF) are chosen and what goes into them. Thank you to Misha for allowing us to learn more about these amazing community events!

"Making a good FNF is a mixture of two things. First, it is understanding the firm requirements that have to be in place to allow the event to take place. These range from gate numbers to taxiway layouts, from terrain clearance to ATC frequencies, and more. Put simply, the hub airport must be capable of hosting the high traffic numbers.

Secondly, and this is equally as important, is making sure there is a good balance of locations, event details (aircraft type, themes, aircraft, and so forth), and smaller vs larger airports. Most people, myself included, love a big and busy hub for the event. However, sometimes it is a good idea to mix it up and throw a GA or military event in there for a little diversity.

A personal drive of mine is to ensure there is diversity where possible. There are a lot of truly amazing places in the world that are underused, however, they come with limitations for a big event as they are largely devoid of big airports and ATC frequencies, both in real life and on Infinite Flight."

“I love seeing our users all flying to one place, a lot of them on the established routes provided, all to an airport that I have handpicked for a specific reason. When people enjoy the product of your work, it’s a nice feeling! It can be hard to please all people, and occasionally people make claims that are a little far-fetched about issues of location choices, but if I can include their ideas, I always try to!”

“More events is always a great thing, and it is something we would love to do more of. My personal desire is to have something in-app that can show the official events and help us promote them, and perhaps have some solo-based events such as landing competitions where people can compete with one another!

For FNFs, I would love to be able to head to more airports in South American and Africa, so I can’t wait until they are edited! The more airports that are edited in those areas, the easier it is!"


Thanks for joining us on another Spotting from the Control Tower Post and once again to Misha for his time to talk to the community about the topic at hand. A massive, massive thank you to @AviationReports for putting together and organising this amazing blog post! Also a shout out to our discord staff and our new and improved writing team, including @Gliding_Central for the digital design of the blog post along side @DimitriB & @Zachary_Naponic.


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