Spotting From The Control Tower : Edition 8

Celebrating the controllers is a way of getting their story heard within the community! We will be celebrating one particular story today about one of the newly promoted trainers to the team as this has been a growing team of people over this particular year.

I discovered Infinite Flight in late 2018. During that time, my interest for aviation grew rapidly. It was love at first sight when I noticed that there was live ATC available in game. I started off with flights around Sydney in Solo Mode as I couldn’t afford a pro subscription at that time. However, without being able to access the Multiplayer servers, I decided to save money and take a little break in order to refocus on more important things in life, such as competitive swimming or school.

Eventually I came back and joined the Infinite Flight Community in December 2019, just in time for the A350. I knew that I couldn’t afford live server access in the long run, so my goal was to get the best out of the one-year subscription, controlling- and flying-wise.

Immediately after purchasing, I started flying and mainly controlling on the Training Server to collect operations for my IFATC Application. After two months of practicing, I was able to pass the second practical attempt in February 2020 with the help of my recruiter @Julius97 and local trainer @Aquila and joined the ranks of the IFATC team.

My first impressions are still being present today. The warm welcome, the great teamwork, the friendships you develop and how everyone was sharing their passion for aviation, it was just the perfect synergy.

I got promoted to a Specialist one week later, was trained for the Radar position by @Raidon23 in early May 2020, approximately 90 days after having joined the team, and was subsequently promoted to an Officer 11 days later.

As the COVID-19 crisis struck Germany during these times, I was able to spend a bit more time with Infinite Flight than I had actually planned.

During my whole time as an IFATC, I received tons of feedback and always tried to educate myself on a daily basis, e.g. reading the IFATCEG posts, FAA orders etc. while trying to combine this with one, although short, session per day and helping future IFATCs or Radar controllers in their Training sessions. I noticed that it’s basically a constant give and take. My strategy was to consistently control once a day, but keep session durations to a minimum to uphold a high standard throughout the session and work together with other controllers where possible. After having controlled over the course of three months for almost every day and constantly helping out in the community, I finally got the offer to join the Training team one and a half weeks ago.

I’m extremely honoured to be a part of this team. I’m definitely looking forward to training future IFATC members!

This has to mean there is another trainer! Stay tuned to find out who the newest trainer is! Leave your guesses in the comment below. Let’s just say he loves balloon’s!

Celebrating and cherishing the hard work many people put in and making that noticed is truly inspiring for me. If you would like to keep updated in everything “Spotting From The Control Tower” just hit the icon below. If you want to join the IFATC team head over to their website to find out more here!

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A special thank you goes to @Aaron.C, @Chris_Hoss, @TheAviationGallery, @texasaviation, @ToasterStroodie and @AviationReports for your help in making this blog post happen!


Great one as usual Joshua!


I love hearing stories of those that’ve been successful, truly motivating, thanks Joshua, great post!


Very great post! Love those shots!

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I want to tag him so much, but I don’t want t ruin anything.

Great post Josh! Always exciting


Ahahah lol I wonder who it could be heheh…


Well done Jack, Julius, very deserved ❤️


Great topic, love to hear Julius’s story. Such a pleasure being able to podcast for you guys 😊

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I can’t wait for the next podcast but thanks Julius for your amazing story! It was really inspiring to read :)


If I had to ask you all a question what else from thease blog post would you all like to see?

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