Spotting From The Control Tower: Edition 6

Welcome to my next blog post. Once again to celebrate and share the success stories within the Infinite Flight ATC team. We hear from the newest trainers joining the training team and now will be a time for them to show their story through the IFATC team and what’s happening. Please feel free to ask any of them any questions about what you would like to know more about and how they got there.

My Journey through IFATC Team : IFATC Trainer @NJ24

So for me everything began with the dream to become an IFATC member. I watched the tutorials and then decided to contact a recruiter. Then I made my theory test and failed. In cause of that I decided to apply for IFATC training. One day later my trainer contacted me and we started training. During my training I made some fast progresses but some things also took me a while to get used to it. After one week has passed I took my theory test again and passed it that time. Short after I was also able to take my practical test and passed that on the first attempt.
When I joined IFATC I got a warm welcome and everyone helped me with all the questions I had. After one week I got promoted to specialist so I was finally able to control Bravos. Already at that time my dream was it to become a trainer as my trainer helped me so much. This also motivated me to attend a lot of training sessions already at the beginning which helped me later on my journey through Radar training.
After the required time I was finally able to apply for radar training. I was lucky and got the same trainer I also had for tower training. During the Radar training itself I had some great sessions and also some that weren’t really good. After around three to four weeks I made my practical test. In that practical test I made some mistakes so I failed my first attempt. Then during the week I needed to wait until I can retake my practical my test my trainer left Infinite Flight (luckily he is back now).
At the second attempt I passed my practical test and was radar certified.
I was very active during that time and I controlled every day. When I saw that you get way more operations when you control Radar I set myself the goal to get 100,000ops before my one year IFATC anniversary. I reached that goal last week and I was really happy that I made it.
At the end of the week I got the message I was waiting for a long time. I got asked if I want to become trainer. I of course said yes and now I’m here.

My greatest times in the IFATC team and my progression : IFATC Trainer @Drummer

I joined IFATC on March 11, 2020 and it was honestly one of the best feelings on Infinite Flight. Everyone was so welcoming and kind. After a few days, I became an ATC Specialist and was granted the ability to control bigger airports. I remember opening the main hub on an FNF during my check ride phase. For any new specialists, apprentices, and aspiring controllers, that was not my brightest idea. Btw, thanks @GHamsz for saving me. That day, I learned a valuable lesson to take traffic slow and build up as I get more comfortable. As time passed and I became eligible for radar, I was able to train with my tower trainer @Will_A for saving me. That day, I learned a valuable lesson to take traffic slow and build up as I get more comfortable. As time passed and I became eligible for radar, I was able to train with my tower trainer @Will_A . His sessions were phenomenal and he trained me for my test in just over a week! Once I passed my radar practical, I became really active and strived to control at least once a day. And now, I became an ATC Trainer and Tester and am having a blast! I would like to take this moment to thank @Will_A, @JoshFly8, @Bobby, @Tyler_Shelton and @Declan O, everyone that attended my training sessions, and all the wonderful friends I made in the organization. None of this could’ve happened without all of you.

Moving through the ranks : IFATC Trainer @Wesleyhenrich

I always liked the aspect of air traffic control. The first time I entered the runway with a plane at Infinite Flight I heard the controller say: you were not cleared to enter the runway, please exit runway. That was really cool! Since then I know the IF. My training to become an IFATC took some time and with the help of my trainer I went pass the practical test. IFATC members welcomed me very well and helped me to be a better controller. At the invitation of some trainers, I started flying in training for future IFATC members. I was very helped by those who flew to me while I was in training, so I wanted to return the help for being active in the training sessions. It also helped me to refine my control. I was invited to fly in other recruitment sessions for IFATC. After a good journey at the IFATC controlling Tower/Ground, a controller encouraged me to start my radar training. He helped me prepare to be able to control Approach/Center on the expert server. And again I passed the test with the help of him and those who flew while I was in training.
One day I received an invitation that I didn’t expect: become an ATC Trainer. I confess that I was apprehensive. It took me two weeks to think and decide whether to accept that responsibility. I asked some trainers what it’s like to work on the training team. It helped me decide to become an ATC Trainer and be able to help what I like most about Infinite Flight, air traffic control. I hope to be useful in this task and help the IFATC team to maintain a high level of control over the expert server. I’m happy to be able to do more with the team, although I’m still apprehensive. And I know that there is a team of trainers that will help me. Thank you very much to everyone who allowed me to have the best fun I could have.

My Story: IFATC Trainer @Chris_Wing

I joined IFATC on December 7, 2019 and it was one of the best things I have every done on Infinite Flight. As soon as I joined everyone welcomed me in the IFATC slack. After controlling for about a week I was promoted to ATC Specialist. It was a great experience to be able to open a bravo airport and finally have some traffic. The first airport I opened was HTDA in Tanzania.

After a while I became eligible for radar. After watching many tutorial videos by @Tyler_Shelton , I decided to apply for radar training. My trainer @Darius_Glover did a fantastic job putting up with me since I wasn’t that good. After one session he showed me what I should have done, by telling me to spawn in on the IFATC V2 sever, whilst he controlled radar and told me what he was doing. This was a great lesson since it helped me visualise what I had to do.

Once I passed my radar practical, I regularly controlled and tried my best to also help others in IFATC. A few months after I became Radar certified Centre was announced and I was really excited. Centre has become my favourite frequency to control!

Now fast forward a few months later and I receive a Dm by Josh. He asks me if I would be interested to join the IFATC training team. At first I wasn’t too sure if I should take it on. With me being busy with my PPL and work, I was unsure if I would be able to manage it. I decided to take on Josh’s offer. So this us where I’m at in my IFATC career. I’m an ATC Trainer and Tester and I’m have so much fun!

I would like to thank everyone at IFATC for making Controlling session and the whole community really enjoyable! From meeting a few if you in different countries to talking with others over slack, it’s really great to see so many people from around the world all having the same passion!

So Thank you ❤️

Taking Every Opportunity: IFATC Trainer @ArsenyKryuchkov

Something is really wrong here… but let me explain haha. In fact, I have been flying in Infinite Flight using different accounts since 2013 but wasn’t interested in ATC and didn’t appear on IFC until the end of 2019. The first time I met IFATC when I saw these five letters in brackets below the display name in LiveFlight app. It looked nice in addition to my pilot stats and so I decided why not to try to join, but omg… I couldn’t even think that I would found here. Well, I contacted my first recruiter @Adam_Williams and on the second attempt, not without the help of my first trainer @RTG113, I passed IFATC Local practical test. But my real interest in this group appeared after a long acquaintance with the person who would later become my trainer on the radar and here he is @RoyalJordanian. Taking part in his trainings, I realized how interesting coaching can be and started my promotion to the Officer rank under the gaze of @MannyG (my radar recruiter). Passing through the training process, I concluded that IFATC is a limitless space, at the same time, it works like an organism. Smashing my practical on April 14, I completely fell in love with radar trainings and the whole radar in general. Few days ago, I became an ATC Trainer and now I’m only preparing to start teaching and sharing my knowledge with my trainees in the way my trainer gave me. Special thanks to you Jamal🤍, who knows, maybe without you I would have abandoned IFATC and many people didn’t know what I learned from you. I also find it a great opportunity to thank @Tyler_Shelton, @JoshFly8, all staff team, all moderators and those who makes this organism alive — technical support. Let’s don’t forget who brought me to this position: @Adam_Williams, @RTG113 & @MannyG thank you!

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post today. Celebrating and cherishing the hard work people put in and to see all of that being noticed is something I truly want to continue. If you would like to keep updated in everything “Spotting From The Control Tower” just hit the icon below. If you want to join the IFATC team head over to their website to find out more here!

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A special thank you to @DannyHL and @Saharsh for helping me get those formation flying shots to look awesome and we had a great time putting those images together. We must not forget rest of the Spotting From The Control Tower Team as well! I just can’t wait for what I have in store for you all coming soon.


Great and informative thread as usual! Congratulations to all the new trainers :)


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Glad to see this series come back! Great interviews and pictures as always! Congrats again to the newest training team members!


Amazing article! I really enjoy reading these!

Congratulations to the new trainers!

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Yep and there’s lots more to come and there’s more on the cards coming soon! Can’t wait to give you dates on when things are happening but everything is in the works.

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Congrats to all the new trainers. 👏

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It’s crazy to see how much the Training Team has grown this summer. Within my time in IFATC, this has been the most additions to the team at once. Thanks for highlighting their stories and I look forward to what the future holds for both the Training Team and IFATC.

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Yh it’s definitely incredible how far everything is going and I cannot wait to see what’s going to happen in the future.

Once again an exceptionally well made and designed post.
Some really cool stories in here too, it is really great to hear what the IFATC team have been able to do/is doing for all it’s members and also everyone else involved with IF!

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Your most welcome @JulianB and if any of you guys have any suggestions on what you would like to see more of inside of the IFATC team please just let me know and I will happily be taking on any suggestions you may have.

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