Spotting From The Control Tower : Edition 5

Welcome everyone to the next edition of Spotting From The Control Tower! I have exciting promotion news and a success stories that I don’t want to miss out on. I will let Joshua Smithy brake the exciting news for the first half of this post. Plus I have a few words from both of the newly promoted people that you will find out more as you continue your read.

Then we have a controlling success story at New Orland’s brought to you by @Sashaz55 who has been an amazing edition to the IFATC team.

To conclude this blog post I have something exciting for you to see coming this weekend on Sunday 10:00Z more will be revealed in a moment.

Please note that this screenshot was approved by @JoshFly8 before posting thank you for your understanding.

“I was very surprised to wake up to a message inviting me to the training team. I’ve been in IFATC for more than 3 years and just kept doing my best to control the expert server, and just having fun. Never would I have thought that this dedication would get me to where I am today. I’d like to thank Luke M for helping me complete my radar training! It’s amazing to see my journey from a junior grade 1 pilot in 2016, now to a ATC trainer in 2020! I’m excited to help others pursue their IFATC dreams.” - @Panther

“If I’m being completely honest, the question of “if I’d like to become a trainer” was a complete surprise! It sure was a good feeling when I was asked though! Who wouldn’t say “yes!” to such an amazing opportunity? It’s a great feeling to now be one, helping people gives off an amazing feeling.” - @Adam_S

I was originally controlling Ground at MSY and I had the opportunity to take G and T. At the time I had just 4 aircraft on Ground and Approach was active. I took over Ground, Tower, and ATIS, when that happened I got swarmed with over 26 messages from aircraft that had just switched over from approach. At first I was shocked, I asked where Approach had gone and I was told they were closing once the previous Tower controller switched. At that moment, I realized I was on my own. I began looking at the Aircraft on final, luckily some of them had received and ILS approach clearance which meant I only had to clear them to land. I then worked my way back up the line, there was some reminiscent of the Approach controllers tactic to vector aircraft in. I could see a faint S of Aircraft. I began giving pattern entry’s and sequences, at the same time I had to make sure aircraft weren’t to close together, I utilized speed commands as well as 360s, I also used the “I’ll call your base command” this was a lifesaver, it allowed me to make a spot for an aircraft that wasn’t going to fit into the line. Unfortunately I did have to deny some people and at the same time go and check the Ground frequency. I stayed calm and powered through, I also used a breathing technique which calms you down, (You can PM me if you would like it). I had a glass of water next to me and just tried to do my best while controlling, the end result was that it actually worked. I wasn’t expecting a topic being made about it, but someone did. It made me feel very good after a long, tiring, and hard session. I didn’t control the rest of the day as it made me super tired, I want to thank all of the pilots who were patient with me that day, thanks a lot!

Photo credits: @Thunderbolt 📸

Make sure your following my website to find out the latest! In fact your in with NEWS! I’m going live with @Chris_Hoss , @Aaron.C , @Adam_S and @ThomasR on Sunday 10:00Z!! If you click on the website above you can find out more on how to join in on the action to hear their stories! We will also being doing a Q&A so please make sure you submit your questions here!

Who’s excited!? Where 10 is being awesome!!

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Nice one Joshua!

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Thank you very much @TheAviationGallery :)

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Love the concept!


Love seeing what’s going in IFATC, big up to Sasha for handling the traffic, must have been a nightmare!


Yh those situation’s are difficult but if you keep a positive mindset and do what your taught from the beginning everything slots into place. It’s even inspired me as a controller.


These are amazing!

@Sashaz55 that sounds so hard but I am sure it was great fun :)

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Thank you very much indeed @Luke_King-kong 😊

It was super fun to be a part of this!


Very pleased to her that @Sashaz55 thank you for taking part 😊

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Amazing as always! 👏


Thanks @Omar_Alqinneh as always 💛 Make sure you come to the podcast and submit a question 😊


Congratulations again, Adam & David!!


I get excited every time a new one of these come!!

amazing job!


Thank you very much indeed @VulicityHD :)

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Cool thread and interesting stories, thanks Joshua. ;)


Congratulations @Sashaz55 for that amazing session at KMSY! It certainly isn’t easy to start controlling immediately after you’ve been added to the team but you handled it perfectly. Keep it up!


Why does the podcast have to be at 4am local time 😔

Great stuff as always, Joshua!

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Just joined the discord group! Looks very nice!

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Thank you and just to let you all know the time has changed to 12:00z due to something coming up with someone joining us on the podcast. Should be great fun and it’s a first podcast and hopefully everything runs smoothly.