Spotting From The Control Tower : Edition 4

It is a daunting thing thinking of applying but once you’ve done it and a recruiter/trainer has been in touch it’s fine they are all very friendly and it’s fantastic and it’s not as bad as what you think it would be id totally recommend joining

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What truly warms my heart is seeing the determination others put in for one controller to get better. Wether it’s the mentors or @azeeuwnl being a good supervisor, everyone seems to be so welcoming and helpful.


I can’t wait to pass my test and start training it sounds amazing😁


I wish you the best!

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Thank you😁😁

Yh it’s great fun especially seeing you all succeed and push towards your goals which has given me a great Idea!

Most importantly just apply and have fun! I have actually learned a lot putting thease together to think of better strategies and ways to deal with diffrent scenarios.

Always a great read, Josh. 👏


Thanks @Darius_Glover it means a lot :)

Nice one man. Ghamz is one of the best of the best controller in IFATC. I remember so many controllers back days but your recruiter Ghamz is the best controller ever. Good thing is he your controller it means you are on the right path to become the best IFATC too. Ghamz is the best that is it. Period. 🙂

The community aspect of everything is what makes IF so great and having the team we have is just incredible and we have so many great controllers willing to do their best for you.

I absolutely love reading these! Very well done!

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Thank you very much indeed :)

Voting closes tonight so if you haven’t voted have a go and the correct answer will also be revealed when the pole closes.

3h time until the big reveal 💛

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Need I say anymore? Until the next time everyone and keep flying and controlling till your hearts content. Even use this as an opportunity to take you passion further like I have done. Real life aviation is amazing and because of IF it’s grown my passion to even think about a possible career in it. Also I can’t wait for another 37 minuets to post this so here you go!


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