Spotting From The Control Tower | Edition 3

Welcome again fellow community members to another addition of spotting from the control tower.

We love sharing our stories as controller’s to make the community better aware of what’s happening on the other side. Mentioning those members who work tremendously hard in making sure your service is at the top most quality.

Where there are big announcement’s to be made as well as sharing an insight to what goes behind the senses of daily IFATC operations.

This is also a place for you the community to discuss hot IFATC questions that you want answered. Or even discuss about who your fav controller is.

This announcement is something that I (@Gliding_Central) personally wasn’t expecting for a long time and it happened. It happed with my good friend @Guxk too who has also been a great asset to the team.

Note: Permission was given for this screenshot on the IFATC slack and is only limited edition. This was approved by @JoshFly8.

A message from @Gliding_Central:

“When I got the news I was over the moon! It is probably one of the best opportunities I have had in a while where only just recently or what feels quite recent anyways since I passed my Radar Exam with @AdamCallow. I can’t thank you enough either. I want you the community to know that with true determination come’s great pride and responsibility. If you set your mind for it you will go anywhere even in real life as is study for my PPl examinations.”

A message from @Guxk :

“Saying I was excited to be offered this incredible opportunity would be a gross understatement. It took me a long time to get where I am now from when I started my IFATC journey a little over a year ago, and I am thrilled to be able to help others achieve their goals and start their own IFATC journey.”

The admiration for controllers effort’s goes so far and beyond it’s time to show you their story on Tower and Ground and another story on Radar.

IFATC through the training: Fly_Boii31

"After contacting a recruiter and he verified that I met all the requirements needed, I was giving all the right information. I had already started studying prior to messaging him so I was feeling pretty confident and ready for the written, I failed it with a 76/100 just short of the required amount needed to pass, I also scored a 76 on my second attempt, after that I took a few practice tests to try and get a more in depth view of what I did wrong. The last time I was giving the my final attempt and like they say third time the charm, this time it really was I scored a 93/100, it was just shy of a perfect score but I pass nonetheless.

I then got in contact with a trainer and that’s when things really started going downhill, I did about about a week and a half of training, I felt nervous every time, I really struggled with simple things like Exit runway commands and runway changes. After the first week of training, reading all the feedback and asking a ton of questions my trainer said I was ready.

Here I was moments before my practical exams, I was giving the ICAO of where it was all going down, nervous as ever, as I open the frequency and it was going great until I got a dual runway change and pilots would be turning into each other, I don’t think I practiced this however I worked it out and in the end I got little to no feedback from my recruiter even though I felt it could’ve been better. I am now an apprentice at IFATC after a journey filled with challenges, and I am looking forward to open my first airport and seeing you there." - @FLY_BOII31

What this shows you is that what ever you put your mind too there is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Radar: Adam_S

“The weekends supply everyone with some time to just relax. So, I went on a mission to find an airport in need of assistance. Whether it be Approach, Ground, Tower or ATIS - I didn’t mind. It didn’t take long to find that Munich was missing an Approach frequency. With 13 inbounds within 20 minutes, and another 13 within the hour - I decided to push myself; and push myself I did.

When I first came online, the first step was the tidy everyone up.
Next, was focussing on new inbounds and getting them into the lines, ready for that sweet approach clearance.
Finally, it’s talking to Tower - letting them know what the plan is, and what airspace restrictions are going to be in use.” - @Adam_S

Overall, being an Approach controller is amazing, and very rewarding; especially when you get your airspace just right.

  • Gliding_Central’s - Trainer promotion
  • Guxk’s - Trainer premotion
  • Adam’s Radar Story
  • Fly_Boii31 entry to the IFATC team

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You have the chance to join one of the most determined group of people; why not give it a try! You great recruiters and great training staff including myself. Click here to join the amazing IFATC effort.

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A third one 😍

Nice work, and congrats on the promotion!


Congrats gentlemen, well deserved. You guys are awesome!


Thank you very much all 😊

I’m just so glad that we have such an amazing group of people.

Congratulations @Gliding_Central!

Awesome stories!

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Congrats to all of you and a great edition as always!

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Nice stories !
Congratulations 🎉 @Gliding_Central and @Guxk !


This is the best bit of the week! Great story again :)

I’m so pleased you enjoying them. If there’s anything you want to hear just let me know as there’s so much more to be told :)

Guxk is my trainer


The question is @Guxk a good trainer 😂😉? I’m just kidding I’m sure @Guxk is a great trainer.

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I think he’s phenomenal


Once again a really nice and excellently made topic! Also huge congrats to you @Gliding_Central and @Guxk on your promotion!

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With 20.1 on the horizon there’s more of this coming soon :)

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