Spotting From The Control Tower | Edition 2

Whoops… how did this slip out earlier than I wanted it to. Well I couldn’t stop inching for it to come out so soon, so here we are.

Researching more and more… I couldn’t sop finding more rewarding sessions and stories that makes the IFATC team who we really are today.

Last time on “Spotting From The Control Tower” their stories were so inspiring, thoughtful and well managed. Where all of you the community all wanted to see more and more.

In fact this has allowed me to find people who have gone above and beyond. Most importantly letting the pictures and the stories come together to keep you motivated and determined to do well just like the controllers we are about to meet.

To add this was @Davide_DC first ever session as an IFATC controller. Being able to manage thease situations comes with time, dedication and a true passion for controlling. Where @Davide_DC will go on to shine on the bigger frequencies in the near future.

With useful tips and great people out there couldn’t not be a better person to contact in order to share all the hard dedication he has put into helping people. This has now been very clear on the IFATC weekly stats and I will let @ThomasR tell his story.

@ThomasR says that he is not much for speeches. What lies they are as it’s super inspiring to see someone totally dedicated to helping others especially preparing for those all important IFATC promotions.

You can view @Flying_Pencil plan here:

Out of all of these photographs and stories which experience makes you want to be apart of the IFATC team? Or just your favourite one in general?

  • Davide’s first session as an IFATC Controller
  • Oskar’s moving through the ranks to officer
  • Thomas’s dedication to help others

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If you found these story’s captivating and wanting to take part in the awesome team effort please start considering joining the IFATC team by contacting your recruiter. Click here to find out more info! Special thanks to @Tyler_Shelton for making this large team possible especially in helping us understand all the new features towards 20.1’s release.

Maybe your story will be here next? Also let us know wat stories you want to see next as there are 100’s more stores to be discovered. Where all of this wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing staff team that put together this massive and amazing community.


This is awesome! Well Done!


Awesome I am so glad you liked it so quickly :)


Ah, these are the best. Great work!


Amazing work!

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So pleased you like them! :)

Remember if you haven’t seen the first one here it is : Spotting From The Control Tower

Wow, these are always so interesting to read! Great job!


I’m not much of a writer you see so I thought why not just give this a shot to give people a much better understanding on the other side. Making sure your safe in the air and on the ground where we could also answer any questions people have and want to ask.

Supper appreciate your kind and thoughtful words.


Great Work @Gliding_Central always good to see and hear from the controllers themselves

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Thank you very much :)

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Wow that is very detailed and an important contribution to the community. Thanks a lot

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No problem at all where more is yet to come and your kind words really mean a lot. 😊

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This is really high quality content once again. Thanks for sharing!

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Always a pleasure and hope to capture the reactions of 20.1 whenever that’s coming out :)

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Looking forward to it!

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@Gliding_Central your biggest fan…
@Tyler_Shelton u and your team is 😍😍…
Gliding u still didn’t say your name…😂
On my top 5 IFATC controllers gliding is 2 place …my one of fav person…always ready to help and have bit of fun 😉
Haha I’m happy to also give gliding a good meomarable practice once I went around ZGGG 3 times after unstable and some F22 manuvers on my lufty MD-11F …🤣😜…I’m glad to have a awesome controller as friend…😍


Ahah lol I remember that very much 😂. Who’s your first favourite 🤦‍♂️😂. So pleased you like the content and I will try and keep them coming to the best of my ability. Can’t wait to see you get into the IFATC as I have every faith that you will get there.

Great to have you on the frequency and hope to see you on the other side shortly. 😊

What would you like to see next please let me know because as I am typing this I am putting together the new version.

The aspen legend 👀

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