Spotting From The Control Tower : Edition 10

Always feel lucky to work with all controllers on IFATC, but always special to control or even talk to the supervisors. Happy to know the new supervisors pretty well and I couldn’t be happier for them!


I deffinatly have to agree with you all there as It’s great to see them around and making a huge difference to the team.


Nice work, @Gliding_Central. Loving the Spotting From The Control Tower series.


Thank you very much indeed! Thank you @Thunderbolt for your continuous support :)


Cheats! 🛡️


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Ahaha what now 👀😂

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Pinning, whatever

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Shane story is for me the most interesting !

It is quite impressive to think I took part in March in his ATC tracking thread (I was already an IFATC) from the IFC, and today he is a supervisor.

As you all said, keep focus on your goal is for me the most important thing to get what you want !

Thanks @Gliding_Central for this topic, and congratulations to all for your promotion! What a pleasure to work with all of you !

Cheers 😊


It’s crazy isn’t it! It just really shows where both passion, drive is so admirable. I’m very interested to see what the new year has to offer.

Keep focused and you will deffinatly archive your goals @capitaine_turrian. :)

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@Gliding_Central Sure! I’m looking forward to see what 2021 has to give 😄

And I’ll undoubtedly do everything to reach my goals 😄 And you know what is my first goal in IF 😉

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Ahaha indeed I do and let’s achieve them together shall we 😉😁

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