Spotting From The Control Tower : Congratulations Sups!

Celebrating the people who show diligence, progression, & compassion for the community! We mark the occasion, the stories and passionate people within the IFATC community that have moved up the ranks to Supervisor within the team. I really hope this post inspires you all and makes you interested and excited!

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My journey in IFATC started on December 7, 2019. I decided to join after speaking to @Cameron at Flight Sim Show (Cosford) 2019. He told me I should really join and so I did.

As soon as I joined everyone welcomed me in the IFATC slack. I must say IFATC is one of the most welcoming places! After controlling for just over a week, I was promoted to ATC Specialist. This enabled me to finally open Bravo airports and get the experience with traffic. The first airport I opened was HTDA in Tanzania.

After being apart of IFATC for about 2 months, I became eligible for radar. I prepared myself by training on the IFATC server with @Nick_Wing and getting used to the UI. Once I was familiar with the UI, I watched many tutorial videos by @Tyler_Shelton. They helped so much. Being able to see something visually really helped!

I then decided it was time to apply for training. My trainer was @Darius_Glover. He did an amazing job putting up with me, since I struggled at the start. I didn’t crash that many people into mountains, but had issues getting the traffic efficiently into the airport. I remember at one session he showed me what I should have done, by telling me to spawn in on the IFATC sever, whilst he controlled radar. At the same time he told me what he was doing. I really appreciate him doing this, since it helped me visualise what I had to do.

Once I passed my radar practical, I regularly controlled and tried my best to also help others in IFATC. A few months after I became Radar certified, Centre was announced and I was really excited. Centre has become my favourite frequency to control!

A few months later and I receive a DM From Josh. He asks me if I would be interested to join the IFATC training team. At first I wasn’t too sure if I should take it on. With me being busy with my PPL and work, I was unsure if I would be able to manage it. I decided to take on Josh’s offer. Since then, I’ve had so much fun training people, meeting new people and just being able to discuss with the IFATC team on new ideas.

Just over a year since joining IFATC, I receive a DM from Tyler telling me I’ve been promoted to an IFATC supervisor. I was very happy when I saw the message. Becoming IFATC supervisor was one of my goals for this year. I really like being able to help people out and making sure they get the help they need. I’m very thankful for the promotion and the fact Tyler believed I was a good fit for the team.

Finally I would like to thank everyone at IFATC for your contributions to IFATC and Infinite Flight. I’ve made some great friends here and I love talking to people who share the same passion!

Thank you ❤️

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Let me start off by saying wow! Waking up to a message got me out of bed for my 8:30am class. I would have never gotten this message if it wasn’t for @JoshFly8 (First recruiter), @naro (Second recruiter), and @Guxk (Officer trainer).

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. I joined the IFATC in April of 2020, delayed after a failure of my first written test. I joined and started slow. I never really got the hang of heavy traffic. But over this time, I was meeting new people. @Drummer, @DeerCrusher, @Thunderbolt, @Balloonchaser @Aaron.C, @CR3W and @Ryan are the first to come to mind. These people really accepted me for who I am and made me feel welcome to IFATC. I kept working with them, talking to them, and it made me realize how much I loved the team. Looking back to the multiple times I was going to join IFATC and didn’t because there were tests, really makes me upset. I wish I would have met these people before I did, so thank you to them.

But my main point I wanted to say to all IFATC members and maybe even people thinking about joining the team, reach your goals. It isn’t about being the best, having the most roles, helping the most, just be the best you can. If you do the best you can or even realize your mistakes you make, it’s going to get you farther. I’ve never seen quality over quantity more prevalent then here. Thanks everyone for the support, cannot wait to keep working with each of you!

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I first joined IFATC back in September 2015, but I never had the time I wanted to commit to IFATC due to school and other commitments. I, nevertheless, still controlled periodically throughout the years when I could find the available time. This changed in May of 2020 when I finally finished school and was heading off to university. I finally was able to spend as much time as I wanted controlling (partially also thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic). After I acquired more knowledge and gained experience about controlling, I ventured out to help others and offer advice when I could. It was a very pleasant surprise to be recognised by the senior leadership team and to be promoted to IFATC Supervisor. I am very excited to take on the new role and the responsibilities that come with it and will continue to help others whenever I can.

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Thank you all for taking the time to read our first blog post of the year! To celebrate the story’s that matter! There are also two more supervisors in that mix! These supervisors are @Balloonchaser & @Gliding_Central! What a great start of the year and can’t wait to see what the future in entails.


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Beautiful as always, Joshua. Congrats to all the new supervisors, including you!

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Thanks @Thunderbolt for your continuing support as always!


Awesome job as always Josh! Really enjoy reading these! Congrats again @Maxim, @Chris_Wing, and @AviationReports!


Nice one as always, @Gliding_Central! Like that little shield next to your name… 👀

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I only pass off the best! Congratulations Mr. Hudson and Boiler Up!


Congratulations to all the new supervisors! Great job Gliding Central for the post!

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Thanks Naro! Appreciate the congrats, I’ll pretend like I don’t see the last part.

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Congratulations to you all! (Including you @Gliding_Central)

Promotions well deserved!

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Awesome topic. Loved @AviationReports’s story, and of course I have to support a fellow Wisconsinite. 🤝


Thank you Joshua! Love being apart of this awesome team!


This thread is one of the most beautiful that I’ve never see, and I don’t lie to you is really beautiful great job mate ;)

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Thanks Joshua! Such a pleasure being a Podcaster here :)

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I love the community we are in and love showing you all what it’s all about!

Great job as always @Gliding_Central! Absolutely love reading these posts. Also,congrats to all the new sups including you!

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Well done! Question are you, @Balloonchaser and @Drummer now mods lol 😂 You all have shields next to your name…

Huge congratulations to you all !

And it’s a huge pleasure to have you as my trainer @Gliding_Central !

Can’t wait to see what this year will bring !

Happy weekend 😉

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Where’s the “meet the awesome Joshua”? ;)
Amazing thread as always, nice work.

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Not mods per se, #atc category Moderators, and the newest members of the Appeals group ;) Their “shields” only appear in the ATC category.

They’re here to help out with ATC related inquiries, and now, reports.


Thank you so much! Always appreciate your support as always :) I’m not that important.