Spotting From The Control Tower : ANNOUNCMENT

BIG NEWS!! Today is the day where I announce the release of the new website that brings you up to date news on our blog posts and our NEW podcasts available to you with a click of a button!


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A massive thank you to you the community for making all of this possible and hope you join me for all the new additions coming in the future.


That’s awesome Joshua!

no wonder you asked about discord 😂


AHahahah you can see now :)

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Awesome to see this amazing work!

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Great work guys! Looking forward to reading more stories

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Really pleased you like what’s hopefully going to happen. I’m going to trial it and see how it plays out :)

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Thats so amazing! Congratulations!

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Hopefully it goes smoothly and becomes a thing you really enjoy and thank you @Sashaz55 :)

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Hopefully this is a success! Just planning what the first podcast might be. :)

So we now need the discord app?

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@Luke_King-kong It’s set up but on the website if you need more information just PM me :)

Just bumping this up so more of you can see the announcement :)

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