Spotting from the car!

I just got off the car after a 5 HOUR drive from Long Island to Hanover, Maryland.


Anyway, I got the chance to test out my new Canon 77D. Of course, the image quality won’t be so great b/c

  1. I still only have the 18-55mm lens
  2. I kinda overdid it while editing

Needles to say, I’d like to share my pics!

A United 737 with split schmitar winglets departing out of EWR

A Delta A3(19?) overhead

And saving the best for last, an American 737 landing

My hotel is also next (2.7 miles!) to BWI, so I might be able to go spotting at the observatory near the runway!


If you could find a spot directly under the runway, you could get some good wide angle shots with your 18-55. Great shots! Like the AA 737! Also, if you ever need any assistance, or have questions about spotting, just send me a DM!


I like the first one a lot. You should drive on I-95 past KEWR - Newark Liberty International on your way back to Long Island.


You should definitely invest in a additional lens, preferably a 70-300mm lens.

Enjoy your time in Maryland and nice pics!


I see aircraft leaving or departing EWR everyday. It’s awesome in the afternoon when all of the heavies come in around 4:00 because that’s when I get to see the Lufthansa 747-8 at EWR

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where is the observatory at BWI because i was there last june going to Phoenix and i didn’t see a observatory place ?

Nice pics! Really like the last one. Just keep practicing. One of the ways I do this (I live 45 minutes away from the airport) is by spotting overhead planes.

Thomas A Dixon Jr. Observatory

great photos, congratulations!


Great photos! Looks like the second photo is a Delta A320. If your down by Washington D.C or Arlington, VA I would highly recommend going to Gravelly Point Park, AWESOME plane spotting area!


I’ve done that and I’ve got my 1 and only spot ever. We were leaving New York to head home to Baltimore. Taken with my very great IPhone 6 while my dad was doing 70mph

It’s so trash ik


Thank you for comfirming that amazing view. I passed by there about two month’s ago. I would say that’s pretty good for a shot on an iPad in a moving car. 👌

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