Spotting From South to North Pacific Coast

Hey, IFC!

My last few weeks have been cursed… no matter how many times i press the shutter it always messes up… definitely not my fault… hehe…

Annnnyways here we go

lets goooo

First off is a nice Cessna enjoying the whale watching (it was watching me)

Next up are these rather common planes except that one flew all the way down from Canada!

Here is the first AA A321NEO that I have ever spotted and probably the last unless one comes this month :(

These 2 were very lucky finds at KPAE. Salmon Thirty Salmon was getting renovations in the cargo area (i believe) and the NAX one was doing a stop before retirement in the desert (please correct me if i’m mistaken)

A nice rich boi falcon

A Nice Thai 777 🤣I’m enjoying the replace color feature in PS I’ll admit it

Last but definitely not least, a very rare catch for me. This is an Israel Aircraft Inc. Astra SPX fitted with 14 seats! Something I have never seen before but I was extremely happy to get.

Pictures 1-4 were at MMPP
5 was at SJD
6-10 were at KPAE.

Stay safe everyone! Mask up, we’re almost through this!

Thank you!



Please never do this again. Kthxbai

The rest were nice tho


Always enjoy your pictures. Always super crisp and high quality. Well done!

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Nice pictures of the diverse liveries and aircrafts visiting different airports… thanks for sharing!

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Great photos as always!

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^^^ I cannot express how much I agree with this statement


my self esteem at this moment 📈

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11 oclock

Time for blue fedex

Oh yes, the Maintenance Delay 11. So much for The World On Time.

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You cannot tell me this wasn’t taken in GTA 5. I was very confused lmao


the lighting makes this look perfect

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Can you take simple pictures because it is so amazing what you do, it is beautiful

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Thank you so much everyone!

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Did it just sink into the ground


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No it’s ascending. Boeing makes planes underground and they just ascent from the depths of hell when they are ready

If they moved to Amsterdam they wouldn’t have to do so
It’s low and flat enough
(It’s just a joke)

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