Spotting from ship , Singapore Strait



What a neat perspective and what an array of planes, cool shots

Those two fighters, on such a cloudy day, look amazing.


Woah. They look so cool. Nice to see military planes every now and then. 🀩😁
Great Pictures πŸ‘Œ

Love the Singapore A350

The 787 and A350 is majestic

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Great shots. I have been anchored off there a few times but never had a decent camera to take pictures!

Just noticed that you got a shot of Singapore Airlines 787-10. You must be very lucky! 😊


Great shots with a good mix of planes.

That last one is absolutely amazing! Nice shots

These are awesome shots! Love the Singapore 787.

I love the front shot of that KC-135!

That’s super near my house!!! Nice pics

Last month, at Singapore from my hotel I could see F-15’s flying by. I caught some not so good photos. Nice photos you got there tho!

Awesome Pics really liked the A350

What airport are these planes going to?

For now, I’m going to assume WSSS

Actually the military planes end up back in the Air Force bases scattered around Singapore.

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