Spotting From My Hotel Room @KSJC 10/8/17

So since it’s my dads birthday today, they went to see their favorite band and so since my hotel has the approach to SJC, why not take some picturessorry that some don’t have departure airports, I forgot to look on FR24 for them
Southwest 737-700

JetBlue A320-200

Alaska Dash 8-Q400 from Eugene

Alaska 737-900 from Burbank

I accidentally posted, will update and edit soon after I get some more pictures, thanks :D


You can get some great shots from the Hyatt. You can also get some from the airport premises on Airport Blvd!

I’m actually staying at the Hyatt on the 8th floor! Tomorrow I’ll check out Airport Blvd tomorrow, thanks @cleipelt, you can expect another topic tomorrow!

No need for a new one, just post the pictures here.

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That Alaska 73 looks like a -700 to me…Could just be my perception of it.
Love the jetBlue A320 though. Nice pics.

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Yeah, I though so too, but FR24 said it was a -900

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