Spotting from my garden

Actually I live close to EDDW (airport bremen) and tested a new camera today. First only from my garden and in 3hours i’ll be directly at EDDW!

What do you think about those shots?

CRJ-900LR Bremen - Munich

And again xD

Those are my first pictures with a “real” camera xD


Loving the pictures great job

Nice pics buddy! I’m 20mins away from EDDL and over my house they always fly at an altitude of 8000ft. It’s amazing when the sky is clear in the evening summer time and you see the A380 or 777 or EVEN A340 and A330s.

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Great photos! I don’t how I would get any work done in my garden if it had a view like that.

The good thing: they are flying maximal 2000-3000ft above my garden! In the sommer i’ll get some much better pictures with a clear blue sky

The bad thing: the normal traffic we have here in EDDW is made out of a320, b737, E-jets and CRJ’s. Once daily i’ll see a beluga but that is the biggest one that keeps visiting EDDW. At 17:15 the Beluga takes off and i’ll be there to bring you some nice pic’s

Looks great:
Bit noisy though ;-)

We got similarities :) I can spot from my backyard and get nice pics of traffic on short final for KCLT. Very lucky to have that

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Have you tried getting a superzoom? In this case, you could easily see people in the windows with the SX60 HS, for example, @TYTY

@Robertine haha I started planespotting with the new camera like 2Hours ago xD but superzoom would be a nice addiction for spotting at EDDW and from home :) at the moment I have to wait some time, next takeoffs at 17:15, I’ll go directly to EDDW

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