Spotting from… my backyard

Hope the skies are good to you!
Today, I am presenting to you my first time spotting with my camera 📷… well… from my backyard! Sorry for the low resolution because I needed too zoom in very much. There is only 3 photos because I didn’t have much time for planespotting, but another spotting topic is coming out soon, and this time, I was spotting from both Geneva AND Istanbul terminals with my camera. Well… enjoy!

PS: I literally LIVE under GVA’s approach, so that’s why the planes are low.


Cool! Jealous of where you live 😅

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🤣 Hahahahah


Got this guy from my yard yesterday:

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Same. all i see are southwest and spirit planes

At least you do, the nearest proper airport to my college (where I currently am) is 250 km, one towards the east, and one towards the west. So, yeah, I spot nothing at all LOL

I’m close, but it’s basically Delta, Delta, Delta, Sun Country, oh look, more Delta!

To be fair we do get some international airlines and other US based carriers, but it’s mostly just Delta.

if i’m lucky i’ll get a foreign carrier like lufthansa, or delta

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One time the salt lake tower decided to re-route outgoing planes due to a massive storm. So I got to plane spot from my house one time too!

I saw that plane takeoff at MSP just a couple weeks ago lol.

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