Spotting from Dublin

Can I have your guys opinion on this picture? Thanks


I’ve seen the West Jet Tartan livery a few times in Dublin but there has always another plane in front of it. Brilliant photo taken from a great angle, well done.

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I’m dreaming about getting that close to planes

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I much prefer planes in the air. Pictures of the ground don’t really excite me much. Whereas being stood next to the real thing sat on the tarmac makes me run around gripping my trousers in excitement…


Very easy to do if you live in Dublin. All you do is park up beside the the road running beside the taxiiway and poke your camera through the fence.

Only thing was that the airport police dont normally patrol that area and they drove by me and my friend really slowly :)

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As I’ve said before I simply don’t have the time to go spotting, I can only go spotting when I’m going on holiday, Dublin is a great airport to spot at though, haven’t properly spotted there since they built terminal 2 (just more spotting from the airplane)

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I seen this on instagram but with a filter on it do the blue and green were orange

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This one?

Just do it!

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Yes!! That’s the one I seen.

That would be my Instagram account.

Oh so your @bravo_eidw yea

I did, and I got visited by the airport police

Unlucky I hope to spot there at some point is it bust through the whole day?

You mean is it busy the whole day?

Lots of police and aircraft activity. Surpised it took em only 45 minutes to find me.

If you’re asking whether it went bust, not really. Got my best photos ever from there:

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I mean Dublin but was that BA 747 taking at Dublin?

Oh I see. JFK

Oh ok well its a great catch & way better quality than my photos

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I would love to go plane spotting but here at SFO I don’t really know where to go plane spotting other than Coyote Point, but it seems to far from where I wanna go spotting. I love this picture, but the paint job doesn’t look good, it seems outdated for some reason :/