Spotting from a Sports Game

These photos are from over the course of a few weeks.

My sister plays for her schools’s soccer (or football for all the non-Americans) team. Almost all their games are held outdoors at a lovely park… that happens to be under the approach path of KMSP’s runways 12L and 12R. So, what better time to go spotting than while simultaneously watching a bunch of wild sixth graders run around kicking a ball?

Starting off with this lovely Butter Machine NEO (special for @United403 ), coming in from Paris/Charles de Gaulle. Looks like I caught it mid-gear extension (take a look at the nose gear).

FedEx MD-11 preparing to make its arrival from Memphis, carrying who knows what. We did get rained on during this particular soccer game, as you can see by the rather dark clouds.

While walking to the game from our parking spot, I saw this lovely Icelandair 737 MAX coming in from Keflavik.

UPS A310 (I believe?), approaching from none other than the Bluegrass State’s cargo hub of Louisville!

Rather noisy flyby of one of JetBlue’s oldest A320s, which I thought was pretty cool. If memory serves, it was operating JFK-MSP.

The biggest commercial aircraft (as of now- this will change when Air France brings back their 773ERs to MSP) operating at MSP now (the largest is the 744 from UPS), the A359, coming in from Seoul, South Korea.

Last but not least, the Flying Pencil coming in from Atlanta!

Bonus Picture:

Not from a soccer game, but still cool. I caught this one from my house. An Etihad 777-300ER on a charter flight from Abu Dhabi, which took a whopping 15 hours.


Truly nothing is better than that absolutely gorgeous Bus


It’s just such a good looking aircraft.


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