Spotting @ Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)

Some background. I’m flying out of KFLL today and might put another topic (probably not). I decided to go to the airport early to get some pictures and it was a great day for pics! First of all, here is the locations link.

I was at spotting location 1.

Anyways, here are the photos. They are not in order of appearance. And, if you’ve seen my other 2 (3*) spotting topics you should know that I never give you aircraft info because if the photos are that bad that you can’t tell then feel free to shout that out to the world ;)

Photos are MINE:) Please don’t use without permission.
Camera - Canon Powershot G16
Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEARS! This will be my last topic of the year:)


A Norwegian 737!?! Where’d it come from?

The carribean

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What route does the Norwegian 737 fly?

They travel to Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe (TFFR) located in the French portion of the Caribbean islands.

NAX does lots of flights to the French Caribbean islands from America during the winter (BOS, JFK, MKE, BWI, FLL, just to name a few).


Wow those are some good pics

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Awesome pictures man!

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Did you catch the EK B77L?

Love the BCAD 727!

Great photos :)

My personal favourite was the lower AC Rouge one. Great weather for spotting

By the way, it never moves no matter what.

I never knew they flew to Milwaukee

Yes I did! I taxied past it on the way to runway 10R as I was leaving. I will upload a part 2 with a few more photos:)

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Norway has conqured some land a long time ago

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